Chicago Psychic Medium history lesson

Chicago Psychic Medium history lesson

by Edward Shanahan.

Chicago Psychic Medium history lesson is basically just that. Many have asked in the past and still ask today. Last week it was asked again, and my response was a different one then what I have said in the past.

The often asked question is, ‘When did you know you had this gift?’

For those who do not know it, I have been awarded ‘Best Chicago Psychic’ by a psychic directory and was an award I found out about when it was awarded to me.

The year was 2000 that I first went public with doing Psychic Readings. It all started with Palm Readings and now has developed to all that I do.

So back to the question, ‘When did you know you had a gift? Let’s be honest about it. Sure I had interests, at the age of 10 years old, nearly 50 years ago in Ford City Mall, I saw my first Black Mirror and read all the hype on the package.

I asked my mom if she would buy it for me? She said I was not ready for it yet. I did not question her response of saying no.

I do have a response that will be my new response. It comes about due to my response to the question when I was asked it on New Year’s Day by a client who I was reading.

Psychic Medium is a title that I use due to the drawing power of being used as Keywords, and it is a title I have never really liked. I like the title, Christian Spiritualist. That is a title that I like, even though Psychic Medium are Keywords with drawing power when people search online.

So if I go with the correct title ‘Christian Spiritualist,’ I would have to say I received my lessons starting in first grade and I was thought about Healing,early start Miracles, Prophesy, Spirits, Rituals and more. I went to Catholic Grammar School from 1st grade to 8th and then Freshman Year in High School. Spent some years up close to the rituals, as I served as an Alter Boy.

The actual kick start to using any abilities, besides thoughts that came to me, the actual action was exploring a location that back in 1974 was known for spirits, and I was wandering back in Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery at the age of 16 yrs old.

Other paranormal experiences occurred during the 1990s at private homes for sale that murders and different types of deaths occurred in, as I would tag along with an individual who sought to rehab homes.

In the year 2000, I started to do things with the public that involved paranormal location here in the S.W. Suburbs. I have always lived up to even today within 5 minutes of the Willow Springs area and 10 minutes from Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, plus all the locations in between and the discovery of many locations, both paranormal and spiritual, some unknown to even some in the Chicago paranormal investigation field.

Then in the early 2000’s the Spiritual Side took hold in a way that is beyond me having anything to do with it. It was holding a little child who was in reverse insulation in a Children’s Hospital at Christ Community Hospital.

When I picked the child up from inside the crib and held her, the child being my Granddaughter, I offered up my life in exchange for hers if need be. I asked the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus Christ to send healing to her. The healing miracle within a short couple of weeks did happen and the word ‘Miracle’ is what the specialist called the healing.

The whole story has appeared in two books and also in the Southtown Newspaper.

I have been involved in a couple of other healing miracles and discover more about doing it through the Christian Books on the subject.

No this is not Reiki, as Reiki is a belief in the Reiki Master being able to have the power within their self to manipulate the energy of another person, until as one person posted on Social Media.

The person had cancer and went to a Reiki Master to see if the Master could help heal a cancer patient. The Reiki Master refused to do anything, as the Master said it would put the Master in a negative vibe situation that they did not want.

From the article: Isn’t Energy Healing and Laying on of Hands the Same Thing? Whether the healer believes it or not, the energy he or she is using during an energy healing session is a putative energy form (that has no scientific basis) which is believed to permeate the universe. The healer can call this energy anything they want, but it doesn’t change the nature of it. It’s still a putative energy form.

Energy healers have a whole different mindset. This is their power that they supposedly learn how to use through classes or atonement ceremonies such as those required for Reiki masters. True biblical healing is never based on a belief in one’s own power, but is based solely on the power of God.

So I guess the Laying of Hands to pray for a healing miracle by way of Jesus Christ along with just praying to him or the Holy Spirit is a much more proven and practiced way for believers. It is also a great way to create believers.

After the miracle for my Granddaughter, I received a dream message; the message was that for that healing miracle, I was to show individuals that there is a Spiritual World and it is not a power or ability I just had but would be an ability to do with the aid of the spirit world.

Not something I had to pay one big money to learn. It is all written out for anyone who wants to learn it. I would suggest to read: 1 Corinthians 12 in the Bible. It talks about the promised powers of the Holy Spirit and explains what I do. You will find that the lessons cost you nothing.

The knowledge has expanded to me doing Healing Prayer Session during their an individuals time with what I provide.

More is developing, at times I am asked to do Sermons at a Christian Church. I do have other titles and certificates that I have earned, and in time as I see fit, they will be let known.

Remember if you believe in the God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, you need no other and the knowledge is free and will come to you on it;s own. Some push stones, crystals and other type of self-centered power, even spells, and curses. 

All I can say from true experiences in a field that is based a lot on hype to make one seem powerful with abilities within because, in reality, it is so simple and with that knowledge of it being simple, it would take away from one being the powerful one to others.

An article I recently wrote is even more about the knowledge I have been talking about here. The article is: Chicago Psychic writes about what more people are seeking lately. It can be found here on Chicago Now.

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Blessings to you all with 2018,

Edward Shanahan

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