With the paranormal, which way is it?

With the paranormal, which way is it?

by Edward Shanahan.

With the paranormal, which way is it?  Becomes the question that many have after reading some paranormal, Psychics or Mediums social media posts. That is an honest question when one proclaims to know it all and be it all with the ability to do it all.

I have a long time friend who is a High Priestess and has been for over 20 years. The thing is she does not pretend to be everything with the ability to do everything, and yet I see some who classify themselves as a Witch,  proclaim by what they write, to know and do everything.

I am a firm believer in if you believe that God is your highest power, then nothing is more powerful. So you are protected, at least I am, by the most powerful and creator of all things.

Had Bishop James Long on my Podcast many years ago, he goes to these locations that allegedly have Demons and or evil spirits there, and he casts them out. I asked him how come with all the locations I have been to; I have not seen any Demons? His comment was – I must be protected from such things. That takes me back to the beginning of the above paragraph.

But then I see a Witch write ‘pray for the light of God to surround and protect you .’ Ok so the Pagan or Wiccan is bringing God into play, but yet  follows that with ‘wear your Holy blessed items, cross, medals, crystals.’  Why would you need those items if you a firm believer that nothing is more powerful then God who is protecting you? That is what you were just told. Plus where and how does crystals come into play when proclaiming God as the main protection for the Witch?

Maybe you see where the confusion starts for true believers. I also have stated that I have the best protection, my faith and belief in God and I have never brought spirit attachment back with me and I have been to a couple of nasty spirits infested places.

You will read about how to ‘clean that negative spirit energy off your body,’ by way of ‘cleanse yourself, very easily you can do this by taking a bath with a vile of holy water, cannot hurt to say a few prayers as well.’

I have no problem with any of that, as the people have their followers who go along with anything that is said, but it can be confusing for those who know it is weird to have self-proclaimed Witches use God as a protective shield, what happened to the Goddess and the Magick?

When asked by individuals, what I use as protection?  I very simply ask, who is their Highest Power? If they say, God or Jesus, I then say they are protected by the highest as there is non-no higher or powerful, so nothing to fear if they do believe.

If I am asked about ‘Stuck Spirits,’ I know they were wandering around the social media sites and most likely reading the postings of either psychics, mediums, paranormal teams, etc.

I am titled as a Psychic Medium, and yet I have never classified a Spirit as being stuck here on earth. Does anyone know where that ‘Stuck or Trapped’ stuff started? Do some research, and if your good at it, you will see that it most likely started with the old seances type of Spiritualist who hustled people back for more sessions as that would equal more money.

Today I believe it is said as a way for the ones using, to look mightier than God himself.  But nothing is more powerful than God and the Spiritual World, as it would not be allowed.

Plus remember, it is just the word of the person saying it with no proof, and for some individuals, it works as planting an ‘all is calm now ‘ seed in their mind(s) of those who have been told the spirit has been crossed over.

All this makes the paranormal confusing for some, yet some want it that way when in reality it is a very simple, but by being that, it keeps some from seeming like they are special.


Edward Shanahan

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