Chicago Psychic and Spirit of ones Loved One visiting his session

Chicago Psychic and Spirit of ones Loved One visiting his session
Psychic Reading Set-up.

by Edward Shanahan.

Last Saturday 11/4/2017 an individual came to me for a Psychic Reading and to have a Spirit Communication Session for her to attempt to contact her husband who past away three months ago. She brought three of her and her husband’s friends with her to sit in on the psychic reading and Spirit Communication Session.

The two different readings I did for her went fine (as I always provide at least two different readings for an individual), and then the Spirit Communication Session followed.

The wife of the Spirit was on my left; two people were directly in front of me, leaving one person on my right side at the table.

While doing the reading, I was told that the Spirit loved electronics. Anyone who has looked at the photo of the table set-up I use for the private readings knows that I do have a CD player on the table to the right of me, playing soft relaxing music.

Well, it was just starting song number three while I was turning on my Spirit Communication device when all of a sudden, all of us heard a fast clicking sound coming from the radio.

The man sitting across from me jaw dropped during the clicking sound.  When I looked at the CD player, the channel changed to number 12 of the CD (the last song). The man said he seen the numbers change with the clicking sound.

While doing the Spirit Communication Session with the device I use, the Spirit’s wife mentioned she felt that he might be visiting their home, as the things going on at her house have been giving her and their oldest daughter signs of him, besides visiting them in their dreams.

I decided I was going to do something I have not done in the past during a Spirit Communication Session for a private reading; I did what I am calling a Spirit Invitation, in the living room of Senator John Humphrey’s House in Orland Park, the location that I do my private readings for individuals or small groups.

The Spirit Invitation was not any type of seance, nor was it my Circle of Energy. It was something I was spiritually directed to do, so I did it.

I did this in the late morning, not in the darkness of the night, and the room naturally lighted along with a ceiling light and my table light. I had everyone deeply relax, and once that was accomplished, I invited the Spirit of her husband to join us. Internally I was being told to go that direction, and it was successful.

The Spirit’s wife on my left and the friend on my right received the best experiences.They experienced a cold temperature change behind them, feeling of being surrounded by something present.

The wife of the Spirit experience went beyond that, goosebumps became present on her arms, and she said her hair on her arms were like standing on end. Plus she had the feeling of like electricity running from her feet and up her legs.

The two friends of the wife and her husband that sat across from me were a male and female couple. The man felt coldness come across his hands; his wife felt coldness for a brief time behind her. He was also the same person that seen the CD players song number changing on it’s own.

But the person who needed to experience it experienced the most,  that is the Spirit’s wife, and that is what counts. A few words also came to me and were expressed to the wife of the spirit.

Nothing new comes about with what I do, to be ignored. Something I learned years ago when I discovered the ability to do One on One Psychometry Readings.

I will now be offering to attempt this at my Private Psychic Readings if a Spirit Communication Session is requested. And will also be offered during the Psychic House Parties if I am doing the Spirit Communication Session at the house party.

Just taking what I do and how I do it to a higher level, with attempting to provide even more of an experience for individuals seeking a Spirit Communication Session with the loved ones who have passed on.


Edward Shanahan

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