Spirits best to attempt communication with.

Spirits best to attempt communication with.

As a Chicago Psychic Medium, I can easily say: Yes, there are those Spirits best to attempt communication with, and you do not have to go far at all to do so.

by Edward Shanahan.

Back in 1974 at the age of 16, I was exploring Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. That was a long time ago, and even though I have always lived within ten minutes of the location.  I know that there are spirits there and always will be, so the number of times there in all those years has been under ten visits, no need for me to keep proving to myself that spirits are there.

I have expanded my experience by way of self-development through experiences and being guided by way of the Spiritual Supernatural World.  That has allowed me to develop in my gifted abilities and spirit within.

In the beginning, the Spiritual Supernatural World directed me into performing my Circle of Energy and now what I provide has developed into allowing individuals to experience spirits in a way that goes beyond just a haunted location; it is something that is more personal and moving for them.

The Spirits best to attempt communications with are the Spirits of your loved ones who have passed along with allowing you to attempt to communicate with your loved ones. No need to go Ghost Hunting to try to have some type experience with something you will not be able to confirm or know.

Have you ever wondered how many in the paranormal field spend more time investigating spirits that are not known to them and less time visiting the graves of their loved ones who they do know? Do Paranormal Teams investigate team members homes or locations that their loved ones have died in? A good question to ask them.

Spirit Communications with loved ones who have passed, is what I try to provide for those who request it in any of the sessions that I do. Also, this is attempted at individuals homes, and they invite family and friends to participate.

Many times during private psychic readings, if the individual asks me to attempt to try and see if I pick up anything from a loved one that passed away.  If I am picking up on that loved one’s energy, I will give the individual a description of the person and what they were going through upon the time of their passing.

Keep the search and experience of the Spiritual World, with the spirits you can confirm, and not with spirits that are strangers to you and always will be.


Edward Shanahan

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