Look at me, as the eyes are the pathway to the soul.

Look at me, as the eyes are the pathway to the soul.
Look into my eyes

by Edward Shanahan.

“Look at me, as the eyes are the pathway to the soul” are the words I say when I start my Psychometry Reading of an individual.  I want to look directly into the eyes of the person being read at the beginning of the reading as this also give them a relaxed comfort.

I have been doing Chicago Psychic Readings since 2000, starting out with just Palm Readings, nothing to psychic about that, as it is a learned skill of knowing what the lines mean. Also at that time, I was doing some Chicago area paranormal nights, as I grew up in the area that I have called for awhile now, the Chicago Paranormal Triangle.

The Chicago Paranormal Triangle is made up of, the area to the east is Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. To the South is Saint James Cemetery and to the North is Resurrection Cemetery and all the locations in between.

There were even ghost tours that sought me out to be told about the areas and also guided around the locations. Also authors that requested information from me about my experiences at many locations for their books and with credit for the information given to me.

Then the miracle happened, the healing of God’s Littlest Angel was the name I gave her.  I held her in my arms and offered up my life in exchange of hers for a healing miracle for her.

It did happen, and those were the exact words used by the medical specialist. As the specialist said, he needed to talk to my daughter and the father of my granddaughter in his office. His words to them in his office were ‘I cannot explain it, but the only thing we can say, is it is a Miracle, she is 100% cured. ‘

I already believed in healing miracles, as I also experienced it years earlier with a call I made to a free healing prayer line and the miracle happened right at the moment that Amen was said at the end of the prayer.

Then I received a message in my sleep from the Spirit World, and I was told that for the healing miracle my granddaughter received, I would need to show individuals that there was a Spirit / Spiritual World.

That is when my abilities and what I could offer people grew as did my internal spiritual knowledge about the Spirit / Spiritual Side. It comes from a Higher Power and is a gift given, not learned.

Psychometry, the ability to tap into the individual’s energy and spirit and being able to tell them what they are going through along with emotions and experiences that they have experienced. Then allowing them to ask questions and then I finding the answer to their questions within their own Spirit.

The major gift of showing individuals the Spirit / Spiritual world is the ability to describe their loved ones who have passed; this is a powerful sign that their loved ones are with them.  There is Spirit Communications of their loved ones also be it at my office or their home with hosting a psychic house party. Also being requested lately is Healing Prayer Sessions with individuals.

Times are a changing, most people today do believe that there is a Spirit World, and the need to have proof seems to be more on the desire of the paranormal field of investigators compared to the general public as a whole.

For the general public to go and experience a haunted location open to the general public has become an entertaining adventure and experience to participate in a paranormal night held at haunted locations with paranormal investigators.  Making their own live and in person scary movie experience.

That is why I enjoy raising the spirits at a location and allowing the people participating to become the Mediums. No denying what they experienced with the Spirit / Spiritual World with the way I provide the experience.  Much more impact than walking around with ghost meters.

What I am able to do as I mentioned, is not because I was trained by anyone to do what they do and how they do it. It is because I allowed myself to be gifted and guided by my Highest Power and the Spiritual World he is over.  This has allowed more spiritual, supernatural experience for those I am asked to assist.

Where it leads, I will be guided by way of my internal spiritual knowledge and allow myself to be guided by the Spiritual World as I know and believe it and for the best of those who come to me for the internal knowledge, I may provide them.


Edward Shanahan

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