Spirits of loved ones and comforting presence

Spirits of loved ones and comforting presence

by Edward Shanahan.

Spirits of loved ones making the comfort of their presence known.

Yes, there is more spirit interaction at the house party Spirit Communication Sessions I have been providing lately. The sessions are when at the end of a psychic house party, the group of people all gather together for the Spirit Communication Session.

These sessions are an attempt for the individuals to try and communicate with their loved ones who have passed away.  I use a device for the communication session, and lately, I have also been attempting to have the individuals feel the spiritual presence in some way, of the loved ones they are doing the Spirit Communication Session for at the end of house party/gathering.

Those who have had the opportunity to experience it, do enjoy it. It has been temperature change around them or maybe a couple of people combined. One was that it felt like breathing in the air of an outdoor chilly fall morning. Some have felt a comfort as being wrapped with it for a few seconds.

Nothing spooky or threatening as it provided a comfort and spiritual feeling. People have changed over the last forty-three years. Acceptance of a Spirit World that surrounds us. No need to go seek out the spirits of strangers who may be unfriendly at locations when one can possibly feel the comfort of their loved one who has passed.

I go in the direction that the spirit world guides me in doing the Spirit Communication Sessions, and I lately have been directed this way. I do not try to make any sense of it and just go as I am internally being guided.

Even the Private Readings with Spirit Communication Sessions that I do at the Senator John Humphrey House, recently some individuals are seeking two to four people to participate. They have been booking for a combination of both readings and the spirit communications for the time of one hour to two hours for the small groups.

I am happy to see this. Being a spiritual person and exploring the paranormal since at least 1974 at the age of sixteen, I always state that those involved in the Chicago paranormal field need to visit the grave sites of their loved ones more than the time spent seeking out the spirits of strangers who mean nothing to them.

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