Bachelor's Grove Cemetery biggest little secret

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery biggest little secret
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It is that time of year again and for those who do not know Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery biggest little secret, let me clue you into what it is in this short article. This information is for use by the general public, paranormal investigators, paranormal teams, entertainers and those with a creative mind.

by Edward Shanahan.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery 2003

First, let me tell you some things that are not a secret about Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Richard Crowe is the individual that made Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery famous for being known as the most haunted places in Chicago to explore.

Richard Crowe was the first to weave tales about Bachelors Grove and turning it into one of the best known haunted cemeteries in the world.

It is free to explore with family or friends; one does not need to travel with a group to visit the small location, as it is basically in the center of a Cook County Forest Preserve.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery seen more than it’s share of vandals and grave robbers over the many years.

Many of the graves were the body in a wooden box type of setting. Two local Historical Society Presidents claim that the bodies not destroyed or robbed from their grave site, the living family members moved the bodies from Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery to other cemeteries and burial sites that  their other family members were laid to rest.

It has been written that no legal authority has found anything to back the allegations that the pond at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery was an Al Capone dumping ground for bodies.

I was exploring Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery as far back as 1974 at the age of sixteen. I discovered back then, yes the location is haunted. I have always lived within ten minutes of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, and yet it is no big deal for me to go there.

The paranormal activities have changed within the last ten years. Many individuals that have had me at their location for house parties, they have explored Bachelor’s Grove and claimed that it is calm. No experiences that anyone would consider paranormal. Nothing other than being creeped out at times by the older people that hang around there trying to push their ghost stories or websites on the general public.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery has for some in the Chicago paranormal field along with what I classify as the Chicago paranormal entertainment arena; it has been at times a paranormal battleground played out in public and on social media.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery has the title of being one of Illinois most haunted places, many of the terrifying stories are folklore, most anything paranormal comes by way of electronic paranormal tools or photographs. The thing about pictures is that anyone can take them.

More Bachelors Grove Cemetery 2003

That is why I consider it more of a place for teenage fun for many to explore as they have since at least 1974. It is an abandoned cemetery; it stood out  years ago as a location of its own mysteries that were hidden and seemed to dare you to discover them, then it does today.

The site does not resemble what it was, individuals have cut tree limbs down in the past and done other things to make it look the way they desire it to look, instead of leaving Mother Nature take back what was once hers.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery biggest little secret is one that I would think that even the Forest Preserve District of Cook County wish wasn’t a fact, and has caused actual battles in the Chicago paranormal field over Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

Here is one paranormal investigator’s outburst on social media. It is from a May 2015 article that I wrote: ‘The Forest Preserve Police are allowing these teenage animals to take control of the Bachelors Grove area or the Forest Preserve and soon, juvenile delinquents will be the only ones there. But yet if I want to go to the Cemetery carrying a shovel to cover up an exposed grave or to curb some bad erosion I am harassed by the Forest Preserve Police.’ The thing is, the individual did not even live in the S.W. Suburbs, he lived in Chicago.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery biggest little secret is not that small. Some in the Chicago paranormal field know it and that it can maybe help keep them from becoming irrelevant in the paranormal arena.

The biggest little secret is, Google Search and other search engines, has Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery ranked very high when individuals do internet searches for Bachelors Grove, haunted cemeteries, most haunted places in Illinois, most haunted places in Chicago, Illinois most haunted places. That is just a few of the search terms that can bring individuals ‘Free Exposure’ to thousands.

Now you know what the secret provides, ‘Free Exposure’ to thousands. So you can also have the exposure to thousands, the reality of it is you can just stay on the path to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery and take photos for social media, just make sure you include Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in the description.

More exposure for anyone and everyone. Also maybe consider the fact that now you can broadcast live video on Social Media, the possibilities are endless. Zombies are walking the path to Bachelor’s Grove. Your family is seeking the ghosts of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Teen Tour of Bachelor’s Grove. As I said, the ideas are endless for a creative mind.

Remember it does not cost money to explore Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, it is free for all. Keep out there after sunset, as it is against the law. Respect the land that Mother Nature is trying to take back.

Enjoy your adventure and do not allow anyone to say you are not doing it right!

Edward Shanahan

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