Spirit World around us

Spirit World around us

Deep in the darkness of the mind, a depth unreachable by science and the medical field, lurking in the shadows that are beyond common and acceptable thought, is an area that is unknown to many and yet for many it is known.

Hands of help

by Edward Shanahan.

In the paranormal world of study and experience, many people talk about what is waiting in the shadows, waiting for the moment to enter into our living world.

Warnings about going beyond the veil, into the world that many perceive as being a world of darkness. As lurking in the shadows they say are Demons, Evil Spirits, and a dark side of psychological wrath.

If Someone warns against it, one would have to say that they have experienced it. But many of the individuals who say that they are against going beyond the veil, do so without having experienced what they are warning against doing.

I believe that it is more their fear of knowing and tapping into the reality of what lingers in the shadows of the unknown that is within reach of those who seek it.

An example could be as simple as one taking a prescribed medicine that has a side effect of taking one’s mind to the world that they hope never to experience again. An experience that opens the closet of past skeletons just waiting in the shadows of the mind.

Is this something to fear? Depends on the person, but consider it a light focusing on the history that is gone, to structure one’s future, then no it is not something to fear.

With myself being one who has experienced Spirits and the Spirit World and being one who brings this knowledge of experience to others with my attempt at connecting with the Spirits of their loved ones who have passed away. I have a different thought, one that is gifted to me and not my own. I am writing this with the knowledge that is beyond my human thoughts.

Warnings have always been given about what could be lurking in the shadows of the mind to create fear.

By who and why? You may ask.

By what I call the ‘The Real Dark Side,’ is the side that is always there and is in the shadows of all of us. Whatever the title is one desires to give it, the majority of the living has their title or description for it.

Usually, some individual source plants the seeds of thought about the evil that is in the shadows waiting. They attempt to take the free will away from individuals to go beyond the veil and into the reality of the Spirit World and Spiritual Side that has no Evil Spirits, Demons, or any wrath that may be waiting in the shadows.

Then there is also the consideration of the innocent individuals that I describe as new or young souls, those who are naive to the Spiritual World do to their freshness dealing with it.

During my personal psychic readings for individuals, when the person turns their palms facing up to be read by me, I first look to see if they are a young or old soul. Those who are old souls have spiritual knowledge, do not fear Spirits or the Spiritual World, nor see any evil present within it, because of their many experiences of being within it.

Spirits, Ghosts, the Paranormal or whatever name one may give them, are showing and being experienced more than ever and to all walks of life. Coming out of the shadows or closet, I would say.

The majority of people know they exist and believe in Spirits and the Spirit World. However, there still are those who need to prove or disprove it. There are those individuals who are searching for any proof using paranormal tools, and a tool may never come along that will show a Spirit is present.

For many people, they internally know it. One has to remember no device can measure the love that one persona has for another, yet one knows it without the use of any tools.

Individuals have just to research the documents by so many who have died and come back, those who have truly experienced the Spiritual World and come back to share that experience for reasons known to them.

The proof is out there to be experienced in a living state, but many warn us not to go there. Not to go beyond the veil with mind and soul to experience what is there in the shadows waiting and wanting in this fragment of time we live in. That is to have us experience what we once were and what will be again, a Spirit of the Spiritual World, something we already know.

The spiritual side attempts to get our attention, many call it a haunting or ghosts, and if you experience this in your home, then you are told that you need someone to get rid of the paranormal activities. What could it be? May it be a Spirit as you once were or a loved one?

Consider that thought and also consider the reality of the fact that no living person is stronger than the spiritual world when you read about those who claim to have control over spirits. One with spiritual knowledge can bring calmness to a paranormal situation.

The living controlling spirits will never be allowed by the Spirit World, nor will those with real spiritual experience attempt it.

Remember, we came from the Spiritual World and one day we will return to it.

You as the reader of this, have the free will to take from this whatever you desire and anyway you want. The knowledge written here that I have personally experienced is gifted to me, to pass on to you, to open the door within yourself, to shed some light on what the inside knowledge of what the shadows within you already know.

Edward Shanahan
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