Better than wishing for Karma

Better than wishing for Karma

by Edward Shanahan.

This past Saturday I felt the need to explain what I feel is better than wishing Karma on someone. I was doing a one hour private psychic reading session with an individual and they brought up the desire for someone to experience Karma.

Whenever I hear or read those words, the thought that comes to mind, is that unknown to the person who is wishing for Karma to happen to another, they have just invited negativity back to themselves.

Why? One may ask. I have always felt that the wishing of Karma onto someone, is wishing them harm or some type of payback. Usually Karma is not wished for another person because of any great experience that one had with that person. The individual wishing, may as well just wish harm and forget about the word Karma.

From Wikipedia: Karma is about all that a person has done, is doing and will do. Karma is not about punishment or reward. It makes a person responsible for their own life, and how they treat other people.

I knew that by wishing harm on or for an individual(s), does have its payback or loss to be expected to the one wishing it. I am a firm believer that one can only know the white side or path, by having experienced the dark side, as then you have something to compare each to.

So what is better than wishing Karma or harm on an individual(s)? That was the question that nearly twelve years ago I asked Annette.

For those who do not know, Annette is my co-host on the Podcast – The Unexplained World. She is also a High Priestess and has been that for much longer then the nearly 16 years we have been friends.

The answer to what is better than wishing Karma, is to give the negative situation or person(s), you are experiencing, up to the Spiritual Side. Please believe me when I say that goes beyond wishing for Karma, and you do not bring any Karma or negativity back to you.

When I say the Spiritual Side, it means those that are your loved ones and have passed away. They are your first level of Spirit Guides. You should be by way of your thoughts, already be asking them to watch over you, protect you and your living loved ones.

You should also ask your Spirit Guides to give you and your loved ones guidance, plus do not forget to ask them to visit you in your dreams.

When people other than blood and those that you love, do you wrong. Upon laying down to sleep, in your thoughts you should ask each of your loved ones that have passed, to handle the situation going on with you and the person(s) causing the problem.

Let your Spirit Guides / loved ones, know with your request, that they can handle it anyway they desire or see fit. The thing is, if your loved ones protected you in the living state, consider what they can do in their spiritual state.

Taking that even further, if you are a spiritual person yourself who believes deeply in the Spiritual World, or you are an old soul, then in thought ask the Spiritual World to also handle the situation and person(s).

This takes any and all Karma off of you, as you are giving the situation up to the Spiritual Side to handle and protect you. Some may call it Spiritual Justice.

Also a request cannot be for something like, this person looks at me wrong or is rude and the list goes on with such lame requests. Requests made because of normal life happenings, would most likely go unanswered.

Some individuals would normally wish harm on someone because of what was done to them or a living loved one. Instead of doing that, they would upon laying down to sleep, just ask the Spiritual Side to handle the situation and then go to sleep. Then just let what happens, happen as the Spiritual Side sees fit.

I must say, you may end up being very impressed with Spiritual Justice, as I like to call it. At times it has provided a ‘wow’ factor by way of the results that it has produced.

Do not wish harm on others, just give the situation up to the Spiritual Side and the Spiritual World and you will be Karma free from the results.

Edward Shanahan
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