A Chicago paranormal experience to remember

A Chicago paranormal experience to remember

by Edward Shanahan.

When it comes to a Chicago paranormal experience to remember, the one that will always stand out for me, has to be the one that I had to call upon the Spirit World to create a paranormal experience in a non-paranormal location.

This was done for a room full of individuals made-up of mostly paranormal investigators. The group of investigators included one from a TV show along with others that are known in the Chicago paranormal field. If you are not aware of it, paranormal investigators can be considered as a whole, skeptics.

Paranormal investigators need to be shown hard proof by others who are claiming paranormal findings. Yet are a bit more flexible if they are the ones claiming paranormal findings. Reason why this experience I provided, is one that will rate up to being nearly number one for me.

2011 was the year. It was the Paranormal Kicks Cancer Conference in Elk Grove Village, IL. This Illinois conference was created and run by Laura Redmond.

I have confirmed what I have on my notes with Chicago book author Frank Heiberger, about some of the things that went down that day. He was present to experience my Circle of Energy Séance after the conference.

The conference was held at the Elk Grove Village, Holiday Inn near O’Hare Airport. The challenge for me with this location and what I was about to attempt for the people, was the fact that up until that day, there had been no history of any paranormal activity at the location.

When I walked into the stand alone conference room that I would be doing my Circle of Energy Séance, there were 45 people already sitting there waiting for me. I understand that, for the fact they wanted to make sure that there was no hocus-pocus magic being set up by anyone.

I would say 95% where paranormal investigators or those with an interest to see what would develop, meaning mostly skeptics were ready and waiting. Even one of the stars of the ‘Paranormal Cops’ TV show was in attendance for this.

Others who participated that I remember, and are known in the paranormal field were, Nexus Paranormal Investigations, John B. Stephens, Marcia Bezanis Mack, Nancy and Jeff Rezman, Sunnie Boland, Frank Heiberger, Jim Heaters and of course Laura Redmond.

When I entered the room, individuals had their paranormal tools already on the tables. There were many six foot tables in the room set-up to create a squared circle. It was set-up this way so everyone would be able to hold the hand of the person sitting next to them during my Circle of Energy Séance.

The other tool that I like to work with, is the Ghost Box. On this day there were two being used in the room and they provided experiences in their own way. One was at a table that was the farthest from me, and the other was on a table closer to me. This allowed for two different areas to be covered for spirit vocal sounds, words or any spirit discussion(s) to be picked up with the Ghost Boxes.

The Ghost Boxes were being operated by their owners, Nancy and Jeff Rezman, two individuals highly respected in the paranormal field. It was also being video recorded by a team I had assisting me at that time.

I passed out the many sheets of paper printed with the Spirit Invocation that I always have had those participating, read at the start of my Circle of Energy Séance. I totally understood why everyone was already waiting in the room when I entered, and I do respect that.

After the sheets of paper were passed out, I excused myself. I said that I would like to take a moment to clear my mind before I attempt my Circle of Energy Séance for such a large group. The individuals said fine. A couple of the people also came outside, to have a cigarette.

The reality is, I just wanted a little time outside to myself as I had to do something, so I wandered away from those who came outside. This allowed me a couple minutes that I needed.

I looked up at the blue sky and said out loud. “I need you Spirits to kick some butt, as there are mostly skeptics inside the room to experience what I do. If it does not happen, I will not be able to look at Facebook for at least a month!” I waited for the others to start walking back in, and I followed behind them.

I walked back into the room with all the confidence in the world, as I felt that this was going to be a success and I knew what I had to do. That was to invite any and all Spirits to enter that room and that is what I set out to do once my Circle of Energy Séance was started.

This created a paranormal experience that was one that will always be remembered by me and I am sure those involved. With most of my Circle of Energy Séances, my goal is to attempt to raise the spirits (in this case invite them in), for those individuals participating.

This would then allow the individuals to possibly experience being a Medium and express what it is that they are experiencing during my Circle of Energy Seance. That allows them to actually have an experience with the Spiritual World and one that they will remember. What I do is a very rare way of creating a stronger spiritual experience for the individuals participating.

The reason I love skeptics, is that the Spirit World can make skeptics wonder what the heck just happened? Even at times take a skeptic beyond what they wanted to experience.  In the many years of providing paranormal spirit experiences, often I have seen the Spirit World play with a skeptic’s way of thinking.

The Spirit World did not let me down. After a few minutes the Spirits took control. People started to channel, one was a woman started to cuss in a deep manly sounding voice. Some people started seeing moving shadows and hearing things, for others the experience and feeling of being touched.

One person had to get his wife out of the room. She could not stand hearing a voice coming out of the Ghost Box and it was calling out her name. The Ghost Boxes on both sides of the squared circle were providing their own spirit vocal experiences for individuals.

There were people claiming that the temperature was dropping around them, and others feeling heat on their arms. Some individuals were feeling their personal space being crowded by something next to them that could not be seen.

One individual rushed out of the room and showed the person video recording all this for me, that his arm was scratched up. There was a man who had scratch marks on his legs.

When I heard the police officer from Paranormal Cops TV show start challenging a spirit, I decided then that it was time to close my Circle of Energy Séance. Slowly I brought a calmness to the room with my personal ‘Thank You’ to the Spirit World, as people wanted an experience by the Spirit World.

When the lights came on, at first you could hear a pin drop. Some people were a little shaken, others more so. Some just sat there in a stare, as it seemed like they were wondering what just happened? What did they just experience? “Wow” and “What the ….”. Were some of the comments eventually said.

There was even Jim Heaters (paranormal investigator), sitting there crying and being comforted by a couple women. As Frank Heiberger wrote to me about the situation –  ‘Jim Heater had a very emotional experience of feeling regret and missing his mother’s pancakes. He had a death grip on my hand. I remember that it was the first (paranormal experience) he ever had.’ 

So I did and still do consider it a success and one that will be remembered. Individuals wanted to have an experience and to see what I could do, if anything. I needed the Spirits to come through and the Spirit World did not let me down and they hardly do.

Maybe the Spirits disappointed a few who I know had hoped that I would not be able to pull it off. But I delivered with the help of the Spirit World in a location that never had paranormal activity, until that day when it was requested by me and those attending.

Edward Shanahan
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