Chicago Paranormal Psychic location discoveries

Chicago Paranormal Psychic location discoveries

by Edward Shanahan.

There are many locations that I personally can call Chicago Paranormal Psychic location discoveries, as I am the one who either discovered them or brought them public exposure.

Chicago Psychic Medium, Paranormal Host and Author is the title description I use to describe in words that are known to the majority. In reality I am a Spirit Feeler, Spirit and Human Energy Feeler, as humans are a living Spirit.

When it comes to my psychic readings, I tap into the person’s energy to provide the readings. When it comes to haunted locations, I attempt to tap into the energy of any spirits present or the energy from the different emotions (good and bad), left behind. The more evil or the more spiritual the energies, the stronger they may be felt.

The fun for me, is picking up on the energy of a location. Then attempt to know what type of energy is present. If I have decided that it is Spirit, then I will finally ask those either in charge of or owners of the location, if they have had any paranormal experiences?

Some locations I feel have actually drawn me to them. One of those locations is the:

Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Park, Illinois.

Senator Humphrey House

It is also a rare haunted location in Illinois for the fact in all this time, only one family has lived in the home. The John Humphrey family. That is why this haunted historic home is more special.

Many location owners claim to have what they call a ‘haunted house family’ without the true knowledge of who the family consists of in the home, for the fact that there were more than one family that occupied many of the haunted homes. But not with the Humphrey House, a one family owned haunted location.

The home was built in 1881 by John Humphrey and was the 2nd house built in Orland Park. I was drawn to the Humphrey House in 2007 and until then it was not known to the public or the paranormal field as a haunted location.

Walking in to the home I knew it was active, how active, I did not know then. I did learn one thing that no one in the paranormal field knew until I made it public, is that Senator John Humphrey House and family has a major connection to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

To read much more about the Haunted Senator John Humphrey House and it’s connection to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, go to the article that is just about the Senator John Humphrey House that I wrote for Chicago Now at: Haunted Senator John Humphrey House.

The Ashbary Coffee House, in Willow Springs, Illinois.

Ashbary Coffee House

The Ashbary Coffee House, a location I was directed to in 2004 by a higher power, in my search of a location for us to meet, do some taping for my cable show (yes readers, back in 2003, I was already producing a paranormal TV shows for Comcast and called ‘The Unexplained World’),  and a location for the Psychic Fairs that I ran at the time.

When I introduced myself to the original owners Deanna and John, I was informed by Deanna that the place had spirits that the location was not known by many as being haunted.

It was a real nice and unique location with the feeling of being welcomed with great people running it. Also 4 spirits that have also called the location their home. A husband, wife and two children.

The coffee house is not the only active location in the location of buildings that the Ashbary Coffee House sits at in at what is known as the ‘Old Willow Complex’.

Old Willow Complex

If you follow the walkway of stairs, to the top level, you will come across an area that many have seen a spirit of young woman holding a child. Others have claimed to see the spirit of young girl about 8 wandering this area. If you wander into the woods, take it slow and listen. If you have paranormal tools, take them with and use them, you may not be disappointed.

Maybe why the complex / location is haunted, can be found in the Willow Springs Historical Society Book ‘History of Willow Springs 1892 – 1995’. The land was once occupied by Crumpacker home and Abbitt Hotel. The hotel / saloon was built by Joseph Abbitt around 1896 and was also occupied by Joseph’s family.

The unused bedrooms were rented to the railroad and canal workers and travelers passing through the village. The home contained ten bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and large hall where the family gathered for square dances. A door separated the hotel from the saloon portion.

After Joseph Abbitt’s death it became an ice cream parlor and was later purchased by G. Dugdale who named it” Dinty Moore’s ” and “kept girls for men’s pleasures”. It was owned by Jack and Bertha Barkus when it was torn down to make room for the Old Willow Complex in 1975.

Valentine’s Chicago Boys and Girls Club.

Valentine Chicago Boys and Girls Club

 Then there is the Valentine’s Chicago Boys and Girls Club, a huge 44,000 sq Ft. paranormal active building in Chicago. This was another location I was also drawn to.

There was no public or paranormal field knowledge to the fact that this huge location had paranormal activity, only those who worked there knew of the experiences provided by the Spirits. I walked in said who I was and then the information about experiences at the location was given to me.

This huge 3 story building was built in 1938. Each floor is like a maze of hallways and rooms. It is the home to friendly spirits and the paranormal activity others have experienced. This largest haunted location in Chicago that I am allowed to have people explore the who massive 44,000 sq Ft.

Could the spirits be Mr. Valentine? Or spirits of those who cared for the building and lived in the now empty (since the 1970’s), apartment on the top floor? Or the Spirits of those club members who enjoyed the huge building and all it offered throughout the years?

Maybe it is the Spirits of those who worked at the club in the past? My Circle of Energy provided experiences to the spirits of the location, at the end of each of my paranormal nights there.

Al Capone’s Chicago Cullerton Hotel.

Capone's Cullerton Basement

The Chicago paranormal field had a hidden treasure in what was known as the Blue Star Auto Store. Once known as the infamous Cullerton Hotel, this historic building was located in one of the most crime ridden areas of Chicago known as the Levee District.

During the early 1900’s the Cullerton Hotel was run and controlled by Al Capone. Capone’s involvement has been documented by the History Channel and Chicago ABC-TV News.

In 2013, I was allowed to bring individuals in as a group paranormal experience, to explore the Al Capone’s Cullerton Hotel, as no one else in the Chicago paranormal field was allowed to do so. The owner of location back then, was introduced to me by a grammar school friend of mine, Mike Alberts.

It was a location allows you to step back in time while tapping into the spirits from the past. This location was not available for anyone to just wander around. I was the only one able to schedule dates to bring the public in and only one paranormal team, to investigate this huge and very active building. The building has been sold for a different use and no longer to explore the paranormal.

The Irish Legend location in Willow Springs, Illinois.

Haunted Irish Legend in Willow Springs, IL

The location that now houses The Irish Legend has many stories of paranormal experiences. I was providing my Paranormal Nights that included my Circle of Energy nearly every other weekend there for many years starting with the location when it was called Ricco D’s. Then it became Frankie’s Roadhouse, then the Stag’s Head and finally The Irish Legend.

The thing is, the area that was discovered by me back in 2004 when I first started bringing people there for paranormal nights, was the very spiritual area behind the property, in the woods.

That area is the location that I performed at night under the light of the moon, my Circle of Energy for 28 people. It was outdoors in the that area and individuals were seeing ORBs with their eyes, no camera or flash needed.

That location behind The Irish Legend was known by the Native Americans as Chief Chief Cagmega’s Ridge / Potawatomi Ridge Trail.

House of Mayor White of Willow Springs, Illinois.

Rare photo of music playing mausoleum at Fairmont Hills Cemetery

 The photo above, is of Mayor White’s mausoleum (possibly a rare photo of it). The mausoleum has been long gone / removed for a few years now.

I have been honored to hold two paranormal nights in the home that was once Mayor White’s home in Willow Springs. It was an experience for those who attended those two nights and I was the first individual in the paranormal field allowed to do so. I will not post a photo of the house, as it a private residence.

Stretch of Death Road Location. Willow Springs, Illinois.

Haunted Archer Avenue Stretch of Death

The location is not a discovery. But the name for the location came to me in a dream. The area I have named the ‘ Stretch of Death ’ runs from Fairmont Willow Hills Cemetery in Willow Springs, IL to St. James at Sag Bridge Parish in Lemont, IL.

One has to remember, that Archer Avenue was an Native American trail  and much of Willow Springs at one time was very populated by Native Americans and known as Indian Village 23 – Willow Springs.

What also adds to the possibility for the reason of this whole area’s paranormal / spiritual activity is that during the 1890’s and early 1900’s, Indian burial mounds and grave sites were discovered throughout the village and destroyed by early residents in the village. Those actions do not make Spirits happy.

One encounter with of the ‘ Stretch of Death ’ that will not be forgotten, was a Chicago Ghost Tour burning bus.
It became an interesting tour, as I was asked to assist on this tour and I even made the arrangements for something that had not been done before, the ability to actually explore the Saint James Church and Cemetery as a group on the Saturday of the tour as long as it was before the start of the 5pm Saturday Mass.

You can read my whole article about the Chicago Ghost Tour burning bus at: Chicago Paranormal Stretch of Death.

If you would like to experience for free and at your own pace to explore, a Chicago Paranormal Ghost Tour of Archer Avenue. Feel free to download the free App that I created. All the locations visited during the Chicago Paranormal Ghost Tour of Archer Avenue, have always been free locations to visit on your own.

The App has received 5 star reviews. It comes with its own GPS to take you to each of the 16 locations. Audio description of each location along with photos. If you do not take the tour, you still have a free audio photo book of haunted locations in the Chicago land area.

All of that is free and can be found at: Free Ghost Tour of Archer Avenue.

On Pinterest – Haunted Archer Avenue: Haunted Archer Avenue on Pinterest.

Even though there are other haunted locations that can be included, at this moment in time, I will keep them to myself, as it seems the Chicago paranormal field has not yet discovered them.

I hope you enjoyed the article and locations provided with the history of how and when each of the locations where discovered.

I try to provide what I do, in a way that is different than anyone else in the Chicago paranormal field or the field of Chicago Psychic Mediums. That is to bring you the locations yet to be discovered by others.

Feel free to share this article with others.

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