As I see 2017, paranormal, spiritual and world ahead

As I see 2017, paranormal, spiritual and world ahead
Edward Shanahan

by Edward Shanahan.

This is not political, just based on as I see 2017, paranormal, spiritual and world ahead. Questions to the readers, I am thinking of a name change for the blog, to calling it ‘The Unexplained World’, any feedback about that?

Let me start with the Chicago paranormal field first. There is a major change in the works and it started about two years ago. The change is that the general public is not as interested in the Chicago paranormal field as it has been in the past. Yes there will always be the Chicago paranormal teams that are seeking the newest evidence to showcase on social media, but I would say that the new evidence is being shared more among their peers then with the general public, because of the lack of interest by the general public, as even the ‘paranormal conventions’ from the recent couple of years in the Chicago land area have also shown a smaller interest from the general public.

Even today when I am booked for a psychic house party, the only Chicago ghost tour or paranormal tour that individuals can name by name, is the Richard Crow tours, and they are long gone as he passed away on June 6th, 2012. I have been offered this year, two opportunities to do Chicago Ghost Tours for the S.W. Suburbs, along with being offered last year also, and I have declined (for now), all, as I pay attention to what the general public has been saying.

The general public views about the paranormal has also changed, with many people, it is accepted as reality and something not to be afraid of. Also it seems that the amount of ‘Haunted House Problems’ has also died down. That then leaves many paranormal teams with just the same old public locations to wander around with the hope to capture something new that will give them exposure.

There is a change coming to the Chicago paranormal field and that is the reason that I have sat back in 2016, as I have not done any paranormal nights at haunted locations, even though I have been offered some new locations. The thing is I have the opportunity to actually talk to the general public the last couple of years about their interest and beliefs.

Since I do provide a paranormal discussion at the psychic house parties that I work, it has becoming interesting to see that so much of the past way of thinking, is no longer. As today the general public’s view, follows the same thoughts I have been discussing for years and included in my books. No Spirits are not lost, nor are they stuck here, nor do they not know that they are dead. The last one really baffles me on how someone came up with that thought and had the guts to push it on to the general public.

But yet the general public does have an interest in Spirit Communications with their loved ones who have passed away and that is usually attempted as a group at the psychic house parties I work. The people are not afraid of it and I also assist them to the point they can do the Spirit Communication as a group and I stand back and let them experience on their own, the ability to do so.

When it comes to the Spiritual, Christian / Catholic faith still holds strong with people being open minded to the Spiritual world and tied to their faith. There is more I can write about, but I have learned one dear lesson in the years, do not share all, as needless to say it will be copied (and has been).

As I see the world ahead. That will be for a different article, as I am paying attention to what is going now. I will say, don’t be disappointed when you are, as you have been warned right now, that it is not going to be good for the majority of people. New jobs and businesses, do not count on it. Also there will be a surge for unions do to issues with minimum wage (remember there has to be a reason for companies to come back to the USA), let’s hope it will not be to late for those seeking unions to represent them.

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