America is still great!

America is still great!
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by Edward Shanahan.

Yes you read it right, America is still great!

I am one who will not get on the ‘Make America Great Again or Take Back America’ bandwagon, as we are great and yes can be even greater. To think anything less is to play into the Law of Attraction and the reality of it is, many people have been already been bringing on the worse (in their mind of what reality is to them), by thinking it or preaching it ‘Take back America or Make America Great Again’. No one has taken it, only what you have personally given up on and in most cases, it is one’s self.

One of the main things I enjoy with the Psychic Readings that I do, is finding out what an individual’s career desires may be or what they would love to create for being self employed or extra income. I am a believer in people seeking out their personal dreams and what they can accomplish for their self and will give them advice for ways of exposure that are tried and proven to work over the years by me.

During the psychic readings I do, if the direction of my readings go to ones desire of self employment or creativeness, then my being an idea and concept person allows me during the reading to be drawn to outside the box with the specific advice for individual and their goals.

America is still great, there are many people who still have the desire to accomplish full-time self employment or earning extra money with their own part-time. Forget about bringing the jobs back that were sent overseas or across the border. A tape company 15 years ago sent their production factory to Mexico. Because they rather pay the people their $12 a day instead of the wages here in America, the country that made them great.

Guess what? Their stock was $90 a share back then, they were not hurting and for sure are not today. It is all about the money and sorry, no one will tell the huge American company, that they need to bring the jobs back and pay more for employees it is not going to happen as we are a capitalist country.

That is great for the general public as ‘capitalism country’ is: an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.

Allowing individuals the opportunity to do, not cry about, but to go and do it and create their American dream. Do not say it cannot be done, as many individuals come to this country and create something and actually work for it.

Some Free Guidance: 

With the amount of individuals who have sat across from me for a reading, seeking ‘what can I do?’ advice, I created a Pinterest Board that has nearly 300 pins called: ‘All About The Money’.

For the creative individual that would like to earn extra money or a living with being creative I created the Pinterest Board: ‘DIY neat ideas’.

Take the DIY neat ideas concept and tie it together with the All About The Money advice.

But that is not all of the advice, my reading of the individual allows me to direct my ‘out of the box thinking’ specifically for them.

I also do, not just talk about it. I did take an idea / concept that an individual could do from home to bring in as much money as they are willing earn by doing what they need to do. I have seen individuals in the Chicago paranormal field stating that they have ‘Go fund me’ type of sites because of not having a job, but yet have the time during day and night to chase ghosts.

So to prove an income can be created,  I started with less then $100 and created a successful business income in less then 3 months and it is Internet based. Oh one has to work it, not with much physical labor, just time spent doing it. But it eliminates a person having to do a ‘Go Fund Me’ type of site, if one IS WILLING to do some real type of work along with the thinking that has to be done also, instead bragging about chasing ghosts. The work will go a long way to equal pay in a real world based on the reality of the moment.

Here is some free paranormal advice from me, if you have not realized it yet, one day each one of us will actually know what happens when the clock that life has been running on, dies.

America is still great, it allows you to make yourself great also if it is desired.

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