Mother’s Day – The strength of the living and Spirit of the gone.

Mother’s Day – The strength of the living and Spirit of the gone.

By Edward Shanahan.

With Mother’s Day coming Sunday May 8th, for many it is a day that tugs at an individual’s heart. Mom has passed or even worse for some, living Mom and a living child are not talking. I have been told many of times by mothers and the grown adult children, that type of situation is a worse loss than a passing.

Many times with those who I am doing a psychic reading for, if their mother is still alive and have a relationship, the bond between the child and mother is so strong, I can pick up the mother’s energy through the child I am doing a psychic reading with. That is what I mean by ‘The strength of the living’.

The same with mothers, when during a reading I am asked about their children. I describe the personality of each child and then explain some more about the child or children and attempt to answer any questions they may have.

Just because one’s mother is no longer in the living world, that does not mean the mother’s love for their living loved ones is gone. Usually it is stronger as the mother cannot be here in the living and is missing those still in the living world.

The loved ones that have passed on become our first level of Spirit Guides and mothers are very strong ones. I always tells individuals, if the loved one (mother), protected you in the living, they will protect you much more in the Spirit World. Ask them in your thoughts to protect you and your children, to guide you and your family. To even appear to you in your dreams.

The one thing I have mentioned in recent articles is how the general public as a whole has changed over the last fifteen years when it comes to Spirits and the paranormal. Today is so much different then what it was even five years ago.

Individuals are interested in attempting to make some type of connection with their own personal loved ones who have passed and can be verified as they are known to the individual(s). Over the past few years the general public’s interest has diminished with seeking out Spirits in a cemetery that are nothing more then strangers, or those spirits that have passed and are allegedly hanging out at a haunted location.

The majority of the Psychic House Parties I do usually ends with an attempt at Spirit Communications. With the private readings, many ask if I had picked up on their loved ones that have passed, being with the individual I am reading.

Majority of those private reading requests, I do make some type of connection. At times, I cannot pick up on the Spirit and I say so, instead of giving the person some type of song and dance. When I make a connection, I provide the living individual with information about the person’s personality, physical problems, messages and other things, this helps to verify I have made contact with the specific loved one that they are seeking.

The Spirit Communication is usually done as a group contact at the end of the house party individual readings and done with a device I use. I get the session started and attempt to open the door to the Spirit World. I then invite the individuals to assist in doing the session of Spirit Communication and call upon their loved ones to come through. By doing this, I do not put myself on the ‘All Powerful Supernatural Person’ pedestal.

To me, the Spirit Communication is for the individuals participating and seeking the connection to their loved ones and to actually hear communication back by way of a voice. It is  not for me to prove anything to anyone on what I can do supernaturally, as it was already done in a subtle way at the moment that the door was opened to the Spirit World.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms reading this and those who have passed and will be remembered on Sunday May8th.

Edward Shanahan
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