Spirits of Christmas Past at Senator Humphrey House Saturday?

Spirits of Christmas Past at Senator Humphrey House Saturday?
Humphrey House

by Edward Shanahan.

Photos of what was discovered is included in this article.

I just finished up doing a private psychic readings for a wife and her husband for an hour session. This was one of those readings that took over two months to arrange a date for reasons being either my schedule or theirs. The date was Saturday December 5th, 2015. It will be a date and experience due to what we seen and felt that I will remember as, Spirits of Christmas Past at Senator Humphrey House in Orland Park, IL. Always go by what your senses are telling you when nothing else can explain it.

The wife is an old soul, for those wondering what that means when I use the term, it means one with internal spiritual knowledge. When I escorted them both in to the room I do readings in, the living room, I noticed that the wife picked up on the energy of the room. It is the room that the family for many years held the ‘wakes’ for the family members who had died. It is also the room that the youngest Humphrey, John Humphrey, waked his mother in back in the 1950’s.

As like the majority of the people that enters the Senator John Humphrey House either on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 2pm – 4pm, or during my private readings and paranormal nights, the couple loved the look and feel of stepping back in time. So I offered to take them on a quick tour of the place after the hour of readings. They also were a bit curious to wander around a location with a proven haunted history as the Humphrey House has.

Below you will see the photos from what we seen. They are very unusual as I have never seen this at the Humphrey House in over 7 years of doing what I do there. Orland Historical Society President, Bob Elli was in the building as he is always present when the doors are open. I called Mr. Elli upstairs to show him what we discovered.

It was a first for him also, as no one from the public has been in the building since the last time it was open to the public. The building is fully protected by an alarm system and that has not been an issue, nor was there any damage to the building do to any unwanted entry.

Entry in to Mrs. Humphrey bedroom.

Entry in to Mrs. Humphrey bedroom.

This photo shows what we seen at the entry of the bedroom of Mrs. Humphrey. It is a necklace on the floor, it has been broken and one end of it pointing out of the room and in the direction of the children’s bedroom. Many know of the feelings I and other Spirit Feelers have picked up about the 2nd wife of Mr. John Humphrey.







Clothing push under bed in Mrs. Humphrey bedroom.

Clothing pushed under bed in Mrs. Humphrey bedroom.

This second photo is of what we seen on the floor of the bedroom of Mrs. Humphrey. It was pushed a bit under the bed, like someone kicked it under the bed, not pulled it away from the bed. Also the clothing on the left edge of the bed looks as it has been pushed over to the side.










Shoes on Mrs. Humphrey's bed, thrown about.

Shoes on Mrs. Humphrey’s bed, thrown about.

In this photo, you will see what is very unusual for this room. The shoes on the bed have been thrown about and the piece of clothing at the top right side of the bed, was just laying messed up as if someone dropped it there after wearing it .









Children's room and blocks scattered on floor.

Children’s room and blocks scattered on floor.

This is in the Children’s room and one of the strongest rooms to feel the energy of emotions in. This room like the rest of house, is kept in order with all pieces belonging in their own place. That is why I never seen what I seen in this room, the children blocks scattered on the floor.





Little John Humphrey Rocking Horse.

Little John Humphrey Rocking Horse.

Then came the discovery of the rocking horse in the children’s room. It has always been there in the room, as it was the actual horse of the youngest child (John Humphrey), and last Humphrey family member to live in the house before turning it over to the Orland Historical Society.

What you will see in the photo and is the discovery being talked about here, is the horse is leaning to one side as if it was leaned on. Could little John Humphrey been returning to claim his horse and blocks? A photo of him sitting on this rocking horse, was the Christmas Card Photo he as an adult, would send out every year to his closest friends, as he loved the rocking horse and he kept it.







Entry to very emotional room of feelings disturbed.

Entry to very emotional room of feelings disturbed.

What you are looking at now, is right before the entry in to the large room with the most emotional energy feelings of sadness. It is what has become known as the children’s playroom and one that has been of many experiences for individuals who have had the opportunity to experience the different levels of energy in this room.

You see the wastebasket knocked over and the pieces of paper from it on the floor. The interest thing is the bottom of the wastebasket is sitting against the door and is usually sitting near the desk in this room leading in to the room of emotional energy.



Living room / wake room.

Living room / wake room.

This is the living room or as I like to introduce it as, the Wake Room. I wanted to give you a look of the room that many bodies rested in peace for family and friends to view.







Stairs leading up to the 2nd floor.

Stairs leading up to the 2nd floor.

These are the stairs leading up to the rooms pictured above. This past Saturday December 5th, 2015, they seemed to Mr. Bob Elli and me, to have had some activity going on. Yes it is at times an entry to the feelings of the past in the home, do to the energy of emotions left behind from the past of those who lived there as a family.








Senator John Humphrey House is open on the 2nd Sunday of each month. It is open from 2pm-4pm for the general public to visit. Next Sunday dates are: December 13th 2015, January 10th 2016, February 14th 2016  (2nd Sunday of every month). It is free for this historical tour run by the Orland Historical Society, but a donation of any kind would be appreciated.

Any thing to do with the paranormal has to go through me at this time and individuals or groups interested in the paranormal there, will be instructed to contact me. No paranormal investigations as an individual or group will be allowed on days that are open to the general public (2nd Sunday of the month).

Anyone interested in having an entertaining psychic reading individually or as a couple, feel free to contact me below at my web site. Dates for such readings are arranged by appointment only. Next date for private psychic readings is planned for January 1st 2016. This allows the year to start out right for individuals. Also a Ritual of Release will be performed for those desiring to release the old and bring in the new.

Blessings and Happy Holidays,

Edward Shanahan
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