Remembering loved ones during the holidays that have passed

Remembering loved ones during the holidays that have passed

by Edward Shanahan.

Every year I write about this, as one thing I personally know by experience and witness during the psychic house parties I do that include doing Spirit Communications, is the missing of those loved ones who have passed away.

One of the things that I am honored to do, is attempt to bring closure to those who have lost a loved one. The Holidays are the hardest for individuals and if the passing away of a love one has been recent, it also tugs at my heart strings. This why I like to have individuals experience the Spiritual World with those they know and loved, instead of Spirits that are strangers as in ghost haunting.

For others receiving word of their own personal illness and not having the strength of words from a loved one who has passed is also an empty feeling for individuals. Then it becomes a special thought to know that a loved one is looking down upon the individual and as I say, is the individual’s first level of Spirit Guides and protection.

Just because the love one is no longer in the living world, that does not mean their love for their living loved ones and family gatherings are gone. Usually it is stronger as the Spirit cannot be here in the living and are missing those still in the living world.

What I suggest to those who miss their love one who has passed away, is something that would be for both the Spirit and the living. First, I ask the person if they still have a photo of their loved one? Majority of the time the answer is yes, and usually the person says that they have a photo hanging up in their house.

It is great that the person has a photo of the loved one who passed away in their house. However like the family gatherings and holidays, something a little special could be done, something that will show the Spirit of the loved one that they are still part of the holidays and family gatherings as in the past.

I suggest that the person takes the photo of their love one into the main room that the family gathers in during the holiday. Some individuals tell me that they have a photo of their love one already in that room. If that is the case, I tell them that is fine, but to take the photo and move it to another area in the room.

When the person either brings a photo into the room of the family gathering or moves the photo to another area in the room, it actually is a way of focusing on the loved one who passed away and this is a way of connecting to the Spirit.

It also is a way for the Spirit to know that they are still part of the holiday family gatherings. The Spirit of holidays past is still part of the present and the love is shown to the Spirit and in return, felt by the living.

Blessings and Happy Holidays,

Edward Shanahan
Best Chicago Psychic award winner
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  • I enjoy the memories of loved ones at the holidays.....most of those memories are happy in nature with family and friends gathering together to laugh and enjoy each other as well as the festivities. And those memories give continuity to family traditions to the next generation. Drag out the family album and look at views of Christmas past. Remember when dressing the whole family like homogenous elves was the thing? Remember the series of Christmas trees? The real ones, the artificial ones, and heaven help us the aluminum ones with the bizarre color wheels.....where the tree could be purple or pink depending upon the whim of the hostess. I think that birthdays, anniversaries etc are probably more difficult as much of the holiday season is overlaid with tinsel and music, all designed to lift the spirit. Other occasions don't have that built in "happy" factor necessarily.

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