Spooky fun things to do this season in the Chicago land area

Spooky fun things to do this season in the Chicago land area

by Edward Shanahan.

It is becoming that time of year with the color changing of leafs, that thoughts of spooky fun things to do this season in the Chicago land area are of interest. Lets see if I can add some things you have not thought about or even knew was out here and would allow you to have even more fun.

If you have watched the TV paranormal shows you know what EVPs are. Well here is something that the magic world has created that will allow you to have great fun with friends as you ask them to pull out their phone and you record EVPs using their phones.

Also this video below is a little education on what is now out there and just be cautious if a paranormal or psychic type of person tries to impress you with collecting EVPs using your phone and they hold it.

This shows the fun that you can have with EVP and is a review of it.

Here is another fun spooky thing you can pull on your friends. It has been around for awhile and one day I had to bust someone’s bubble as they showed me what their friend said was captured using the friends phone at his friends house. The guy showing me was a thrilled to see spirits and was a mean joke his friend played as he knew how his friend would react (a little overboard reaction to wanting to see ghosts). I told the individual how it was done and is another creation of the magic world.

So if you are just interested in having some spooky fun with your friends or want to be the hit of one of those Chicago Ghost Bus Tours, here is something you may be interested in (or combine this item with the one in the above video), or if you want to play the ‘Did you see that?” and pull your phone out and presto you have ghosts to prove what you seen, have fun with this.

Free Ghost Tour of the haunted S.W. Suburbs haunted Archer Avenue and surrounding area using the free ghost tour app. Your friends or family would like to go on the Chicago Ghost Tour, but the prices are high for some of the tours. The ‘Bring Your Own Booze’ concept that some ghost tours are doing, is not of interest for those with families or those not interested in the unlimited consumption of booze being added to something that is supposed to be fun, entertaining and educational.

Free Ghost Tour App

Free Ghost Tour App

I created the free App and I have actually experienced the locations due to the fact I have lived my whole 57 years less then 10 minutes from the areas showcased and I have been visiting them since I started to drive 41 years ago. So it is the experience of one who actually has experienced the locations and is my free gift to those interested in also exploring the locations, as it is not about the money.

The free app takes away the window shopping type of ghost bus tour and allows individuals to take as much time as they desire at locations to discover the locations and possibly what is haunting them. The app has 16 haunted locations stops. Audio for each of the stops, a GPS map to guide you and photos.

It is free and can be found at: Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour App.

Senator Humphrey House

Humphrey House

Want to visit a haunted historic home in the S.W. Suburbs? There is the historic Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Pk. IL. It is open on the second Sunday of each month from 2-4pm and there is no cost for the house tour, but a donation of any size is always welcomed.

No ghost investigations or other access to paranormal fun is performed on the Sunday open house days. That is reserved for those seeking to book a paranormal night there that is also possible to have me assist the whole night and guide you and your friends to experience the spirits of the location. You can email me for information about it at: Best Chicago Psychic.

Halloween ideas and concepts are non-stop and over a hundred can be found at this Pinterest page: Halloween ideas and concepts.

Chicago land Paranormal Conference

2015 Chicago land Paranormal Conference

Palos Paranormal Conference Oct 10th and 11th returns to Moraine Valley Community College. This is the most successful paranormal conference in the Chicago land area and grows in attendance every year and I have been with it since the beginning. I will be doing readings all day and because of my schedule it is rare that I do readings at public locations. Individuals can have readings and can run 10 minutes to 30 minutes if one desires.

Saturday I will be speaking at 5pm and may even attempt a demonstration of Spirit Communication for those seeking it for love ones who passed and I will demonstrate how it is done at the psychic house parties that I work and you can have. Also if time allows, some discussion on the area’s haunted locations and being one who has actually lived their who life in the area and have experienced the locations for 41 years, when I started to drive.

The Palos Paranormal Conference 2015 is a comprehensive, exciting metaphysical experience. The conference will feature speakers throughout the day lecturing on topics such as UFOs, spirit reading, energy manipulation, haunted history of the area, miraculous healing and the power of gems and minerals.

Many of the vendors also offer opportunities to schedule private parties, private or group martial arts/self-defense lessons, suggestions for gemstones or other tools that might work best for you and even plan ghost tours or ghost hunting in the areas many haunted spots.

For more details on the conference, it is only $15 for one day or $20 for both days, visit their web site at: Palos Paranormal Conference.

Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium and Paranormal Hos

Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium

Having a House Party or Holiday Corporate Party?
Then consider one that has been awarded Best Chicago Psychic to entertain your guests. When I work a Psychic Party, I allow the host to decide what they would like to provide for your guests and it is not based on a per person fee, just an hourly fee and this allows you different offerings for the entertaining night of psychic readings.

Most house parties like to end the night with my Circle of Energy Spirit Communication or Seance. It is not one of those things that has the psychic sitting at the table and saying the spirit of so and so is here etc.. What I attempt to provide is a way for the individuals as a group to communicate with the spirits.

When two  Readers are requested, I do have one that I only invite as I know her abilities and I know she is an entertaining reader also. Right now I am booked on Saturday’s up until the start of November. The last week of October, Friday evening is still open.

For those seeking more information for having an entertaining house of corporate party and what I provide, visit the web site: Best Chicago Psychic.

Seeking a Ghost Tour Host for your group outing? Being one who has lived their whole life within 10 minutes of the Chicago land area most haunted locations, and has knowledge of locations the ghost tours do not take you to, I would be willing to discuss being a host for your adventure. Email me from the web site: Best Chicago Psychic.

Well that is about it for now.
Enjoy this spooky season,

Edward Shanahan
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