Chicagoland Paranormal Conference returns to Moraine Valley Community Collage in October 2015

Chicagoland Paranormal Conference returns to Moraine Valley Community Collage in October 2015
2015 Chicago land Paranormal Conference

by Edward Shanahan.

The date has been set for the Chicagoland Paranormal Conference as it returns to Moraine Valley Community College on October 10th and 11th 2015. It has always been held in Palos, IL and is called the Palos Paranormal Conference.

This will be the 4th annual event, each one has been more successful then the last.  It is also one of the most successful paranormal conference to be held in the last three years in the Chicagoland area and one of the reasons it has been welcomed backed to Moraine Valley Community Collage.

The reason that this event has been a success is for the fact it is directed toward the general public and their interest and it provides interactive experiences for those attending.

This conference showcases those in Chicago land area who are involved in the Paranormal, Supernatural, UFO’s, Healing, Psychic Readings and more. There will be speakers all day for both days.

This event even provides great exposure for those participating as you are be exposed to the general public, not just others in the same field striving for the same as you. The general pubic is where it is at and what you should strive for, not to just shake hands with others in the same field at a high priced meet and greet.

As a vendor you are treated as you matter, not just a backdrop to the others being showcased.

The list of those participating and speaking is still being arranged, but last year seen an assembly of people that are experts in a wide range of paranormal, metaphysical and spiritual disciplines.

Entertaining speakers and vendors representing the fields of UFO investigations, Psychic Readings with and without tools, some of the aspects Haunted History, Ghost Hunting, how to use sound to defend yourself against attack, Shamanic and Reiki Healing, Aura Reading and Hypnotic Past Life Therapy.

This is one of the rare public readings dates that I do and will be doing both days. I will be doing rare public location private readings, possibly speaking and maybe doing Gallery Readings. Time will tell.

Tom Cameron is the producer of the event, he takes it seriously and it is not nor has it ever been an event based on him or to showcase him. It is about those participating and those coming out to attend it.

I believe that is the reason it has kept growing and has become successful over other ones in the last three years. I have been with it from day one, a choice I am happy I made, and I am very selective.

More details will be coming out soon, just write down the dates for this Chicago fun event that I believe ticket prices will only be $12.50 or just $20.00 for the weekend.

If you are a vendor and would like to find out more information about having a table or speaking, write Tom Cameron at:

Edward Shanahan
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web site for Best Chicago Psychic

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