Orland Pk, IL Historical Society and others have seen the draw of individuals with unique offering to individuals

Orland Pk, IL Historical Society and others have seen the draw of individuals with unique offering to individuals
Humphrey House

by Edward Shanahan.

Haunted Senator John Humphrey House.

Senator John Humphrey House.

The public loves the historical sites like seen through the Orland Pk, IL Historical Society with Senator John Humphrey House. The ability to provide and additional service for the public is a bonus for having individuals show up in large numbers to these historical sites. Something I have been involved with providing that service to draw the individuals since 2002.

The draw of the general public in large numbers for one day and maybe for maybe just 3hrs, is a skill in providing a service that I provide. Also the free exposure I provide leading up to the date I will be assisting, is something I provide through the articles I write for different web sites.

Sure I have authored two books, written about in four different paranormal authors books. I have created a free Chicago Ghost Tour App, have been awarded the Best Chicago Psychic Award. Also a publisher of two online paranormal magazines and a daily paranormal / supernatural newspaper along with being a Paranormal Tour Host.

Yes that is a lot that has been accomplished and even was able to get me booked to work a week long ship cruise, but yet it is not enough to draw a large group of individuals to the historic locations.

No the general public wants more then a ‘What I did and why I am Famous’ speech followed in many cases trying to sell something. They want more then someone walking in and showing photos of a location and telling Internet researched stories about the place. That is something that is going on in libraries in the area as some of the individuals have no actual experiences in the locations they are talking about or even have written about. I only have written about the locations I have experienced.

Al Capone's Cullerton Hotel

Al Capone’s Cullerton Hotel

The combination of my working with the historical society or location as they give the historical stories and I combine it with on the spot possible paranormal experiences for the general public, something they have come accustomed to when I am involved doing what I do best because how I do it at these historical locations. Some of the locations have even been out of state.

Orland Pk, IL Historical Societies Senator John Humphrey House as an example, on their regular open Sunday dates, they may draw 8 or so people, on the dates and usually are only two in a year, that I also assist on the open Sunday dates, as few as forty people have showed and as many as 83 people, all in a three hour time frame.

Tinker Swiss Cottage

Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum,

I love the historical sites and why I am willing to assist in the drawing of the general public to them. It is fun for all involved including my self as one never knows what will be discovered or made known that it is still part of the location.

For those with locations that are interested in discussing what can be done to draw more individuals, feel free to contact me by e-mail at: edwardlshanahan@comcast.net

For individuals with an active old building and you would also be interested in having a  Supernatural Day or Night at your place for family and friends, feel free to visit my web site: Edward Shanahan and see what we can work out.

Don’t doubt that something cannot be done, when it has been proven to have been done by the one that says that it can be done.

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