Chicago Paranormal Supernatural Saturday Oct. 18th Fundraiser for Valentine Chicago Boys & Girls Club

Chicago Paranormal Supernatural Saturday Oct. 18th Fundraiser for Valentine Chicago Boys & Girls Club
Fundraiser for Chicago Boys and Girls Club Oct 18th.

by Edward Shanahan.

Saturday October 18th, 7:00pm – Chicago Paranormal – Special Supernatural Night Fundraiser for the Valentine Chicago Boys & Girls Club.Chicago Boys & Girls Club

Located at 3400 S. Emerald Ave; Chicago, IL. Bridgeport Area and a nice area. (one block east of Halsted and one block North of 35th street).

Saturday October 18th 7:00pm. only $15 per person for this Chicago Paranormal Supernatural Night.

The night will start at 7pm with Extreme Vision Paranormal Team holding a discussion about the paranormal and their experience at different locations, including the experiences at the Valentines Chicago Boys and Girls Club during my paranormal nights there.

Also this will be a rare public event in 2014 for me due to my schedule and bookings. It will also be my last location event I will in 2014 that is open to everyone with no limit on the amount of people that can attend.

Edward Shanahan and his Circle of Energy Seance.

Edward Shanahan

I will follow Extreme Vision Paranormal Team with a discussion of my Supernatural Experiences (I have visited over 30 locations), and then will be doing my entertaining Psychic Gallery Message Readings for individuals where you will be able to silently request questions to be answered by the Spirit World that you write down. I will come to you, give you a reading and ask the Spirits to guide me in responding to your questions.

There will be a good amount of time allowed for this session, and the names drawn will be by the choice of the spiritual side. Then this will be followed by Spirit Communications with the use of the Echovox and a version of my Circle of Energy.

The night will finish with individuals being taken on a tour of the whole haunted building from basement to the top floor. Bring any paranormal tools you may have as you will be exploring the rooms, one never knows what wants to be known.

** The whole Saturday Supernatural Night October Fundraiser mentioned above is just $15 per person and you pay at the door.

Also as an added feature, Tarot, Past Lives and Runes Readings, Annette will be doing private readings for those who are interested. For a reading with Annette, it is only $15 dollars for ten minutes. Annette has over 25 years of doing readings and is the only Reader I have ever recommended to others when I have been booked.

The Valentine Chicago Boys and Girls Club was built in 1938. It is home to the friendly spirits of the past and they have been experienced by others. This is now the largest Chicago haunted location that on exclusive paranormal nights that I hold there, individuals can explore the whole 44,000 sq. ft building.

Could it be Mr. Valentine? Spirits of those who cared for the building and lived in the now empty (since the 1970’s), apartment on the top floor? Or the Spirits of those club members who enjoyed the huge building and all it offered throughout the years? Or the Spirits of those who worked at the club in the past?

You will have the opportunity to explore and experience the huge 44,000 sq ft. building of three floors with each floor being like a maze of hallways and rooms. It is so large, that it even has a huge bomb shelter in one of the areas in the basement.

See the flier for this special night at the web site: Chicago Paranormal Nights.

Edward Shanahan
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