Chicago area things to do Paranormal and Halloween with some free Ghost Tours in October

Chicago area things to do Paranormal and Halloween with some free Ghost Tours in October
Monk's castle - Saint James Cemetery and Church.

by Edward Shanahan

The Chicago area in October with Halloween, the Paranormal and all the things to do is an adventure in trying to try and figure out what to do. Also the attempt in trying not to spend a fortune for those with families and what is family friendly today.

Cemetery in S.W. Suburbs.

Cemetery in S.W. Suburbs.

I will be giving you a few ‘Family Friendly’ options here and some that are free along with even a free Ghost Tour of Haunted Archer Avenue that is family friendly, time friendly and adventure friendly for both families and groups of friends.

Free Locations, Tours and more free paranormal stuff.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is still the king of all haunted locations for the curious and the location that the original Ghost Tour individual made famous, he is Mr. Richard Crowe.  Here is a free documentary just recently released and those present in it are part of the Chicago Paranormal Field. The free video is on The look of Bachelors Grove Cemetery in 2003YouTube: The Real Bachelor’s Grove – Full Documentary.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery area is off of 143rd Street (Midlothian Turnpike) , just East of Ridgeland Avenue in Midlothian IL.  It is ust west of Rubio Woods Forest Preserve on the South side of the street. I would recommend not going by your self even though it is family friendly, as it is in the middle of the woods and the living are always more active then the spirits at this location. Remember the more bizarre the story, the more it is just that.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery also has a major tie to the next Haunted Historic Location that is free to explore. I was exploring it in 1974 and the photo above to your left is a great look at how it used to be when the location was more active then it is today. Watch the above documentary for the details of the location past and present.  Also the online ‘Free Online Magazine’ called ‘Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery – Tribute.Humphrey House dining

Sunday Oct. 12th – Free Open House Tour at Orland Park, IL own Historic Haunted Location – Senator John Humphrey House, this will be on Sunday Oct. 12th from 1pm – 4pm. I will be assisting the Historical Society with their open house on this day. I will be talking about the Haunted History of the location as I have had many Supernatural Nights at the place and the Historical Society will be talking about the Historic History of the location. There is no charge for this open house.

Here is a recent article that has the information about the Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Park, IL; haunted historic home and family Spirits.

Chet's Melody Lounge

Chet’s Melody Lounge & Resurrection Mary

Free Family Ghost Tour (free) App of Haunted Archer Avenue.

I have lived all my life within ten minutes of Chicago land areas most haunted area, known as Haunted Archer Avenue. I have even an e-mail from 2006 of a ghost tour owner asking me for details on an area with alleged hauntings. The Free App covers 16 stops on Haunted Archer Avenue. It comes with a GPS to guide you from one stop to another. Each stop has a photo along with audio history of the stop.

The free App can be found here. This allows you to explore the locations at your desired speed, family and cost friendly.

Pinterest also has a Free Haunted Archer Avenue tour of all the 16 locations with photos. You can find it on Pinterest – Chicago Haunted Tour Locations of Archer Avenue.

Free video of the whole Archer Avenue Ghost Tour including The Grimes Sisters locations and other locations also on this free video on YouTube. Haunted Archer Avenue Tour. View the YouTube Video here.

Free online paranormal magazineParanormal and Spiritual World News.

Fundraiser for Chicago Boys and Girls Club

Fundraiser for Chicago Boys and Girls Club

Saturday Oct. 18th, Supernatural Saturday Night Fundraiser for the Valentine Chicago Boys and Girls Club, the huge haunted location in the Chicago Bridgeport area.

Only $15 per person and starts at 7pm. Discussion about the Paranormal, locations and experiences. Psychic Readings and Spirit Communication. Also at the end of the night, a tour of the whole huge haunted building. Bring your cameras and any paranormal tools that you may have.

Huge 44,000 sq ft. paranormal active building built in 1938 with 3 floors. Each floor is like a maze of hallways and rooms. It is the home to friendly spirits and the paranormal activity others have experienced. The largest haunted location in Chicago that you can explore. Located at 3400 S. Emerald Ave; Chicago, IL ( 1 block North of the White Sox baseball field).

More details and enlarged flier at: Chicago Paranormal Nights – web site.

Paranormal Conference

Paranormal Conference

Oct. 18th and 19th, Chicago land area only October Paranormal Conference 10am – 5pm
for the general public as a whole to be held in Palos, IL at Morain Valley Community Collage.   This is the 3rd year and every year there has been a bigger crowd and a larger event for the general public with those actually from the Chicago land area covering the Paranormal, Supernatural, UFO’s, Psychics, Medium and many more. Speakers and interactive activities for the general public.

This conference is only $20 for both days and $12.50 for one day. Morain Valley Community Collage, 111th & 88th Avenue, Palos Park, IL. Details at their web site for the Palos Park Paranormal Conference 2014.


Senator Humphrey House

Humphrey House

Saturday November 1st at Senator John Humphrey House Supernatural Night Seance. November 1st is when they say the Veil is the thinnest and on this Special Supernatural Saturday Night. an entertaining Seance will be performed in the children’s play room of the Humphrey House and after the attempt to communicate with the Spirits of the home, then the Spirits of the loved ones of those attending, will be attempted. Limited to a small group of individuals. Here is a recent article that has the information about the Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Park, IL; haunted historic home and family Spirits.

Details about the Supernatural Saturday Night Seance can be found at: November 1st Seance at Humphrey House.

Happy Hauntings, Be Safe and Have Fun,
Edward Shanahan – awarded Best Chicago Psychic.
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