Chicago Ghost Tour App is free family and tourist fun

Chicago Ghost Tour App is free family and tourist fun
Monk's castle - Saint James Cemetery and Church.

by Edward Shanahan.

Chicago ghost tour app for the family and tourists visiting the Chicago land area that would like to venture out on their own, at their own pace and have their own free personal mobile tour guide app of Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue ghost tour.

All of that can now be done and be an enjoyable experience for all families and tourists.

You can download or preview the free Ghost Tour App at: Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour. Also on Pinterest you can find the tour photos of each stop and map of the locations and has over two thousand individuals who have liked the page. You can find it at the Pinterest page: Chicago Haunted Tour Locations of Archer Ave and more

The Irish Legend

The Irish Legend

Many look at the app as an audio photo book that can be downloaded for free and it covers 16 Chicago land areas haunted areas including 6 cemeteries in the area.

Chicago paranormal host and entertaining psychic reader Edward Shanahan brings you the Chicago Ghost Tour App by way Geogad Tour Mobil Tour Guide Company. Edward has offered the app for free and it takes you on a tour of Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue that is an audio and photo tour of 16 haunted locations on Archer Avenue and surrounding areas. The tour includes 6 cemeteries in the area

Chet's Melody Lounge

Chet’s Melody Lounge

Edward is one of the very few today (Dale Kaczmarek being the other and both being Chicago paranormal authors and paranormal tour guides), in the Chicago paranormal field that has lived one’s whole life within five to ten minutes of the locations that Edward speaks about and he has actually experienced all the locations on a regular basis because of actually living in the areas of the 16 locations featured in the free app.

List of the stops on the Archer Avenue Ghost Tour App:
Resurrection Cemetery Gates –  Haunted Mausoleum at Resurrection Cemetery – Haunted Chet’s Melody Lounge – Bethania Cemetery – Archer Woods Cemetery – Lithuanian National Cemetery – Native American Healing Waters – Grimes Sisters haunted location – Saint James Cemetery aka Monks Castle -Fairmont Hills Cemetery – Clock Tower in Fairmont Hills Cemetery – The Irish Legend haunted – Haunted Willowbrook Ballroom – I M Canal location of autos and bodies found – Old Willow Shopping Center – Haunted Ashbary Coffee House.

Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan
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