Chicago Psychic Reader Edward Shanahan journey so far

Chicago Psychic Reader Edward Shanahan journey so far

by Edward Shanahan

“Your payback for the miracle is to show others that there is a Spirit World no matter what it takes you to do so.” That was the dream message I received for the healing miracle that I asked for from the Spiritual World, and it was provided for God’s littlest angel, my granddaughter.

From the Christian book, The Supernatural Man – Learn to walk in Revelatory Realms of Heaven:
“We are made up of three components – spirit, body, and soul. The brain is part of the body; it is the flesh or the hard-ware. The mind is part of the soul realm, and this is the seat of our emotions and will and is similar to a computer’s operating system directing our actions. The subconscious mind is where our spirit man resides. When you sleep your brain is resting – your mind shuts down and goes into sleep mode, but you subconscious mind becomes quite active. When you are in the sleep state, the subconscious mind is being ministered to by the Holy Spirit. It also opens us up to the heavenlies where ministering angels can interact with us.”

I decided to include the above passage from the book, as I knew where the message that I received, and others had come from.  It is kind of special to see it published in a Christian book, as it confirms what I know. The message I received is the reason I am doing what I do. The story, which can be read here, about my granddaughter’s miracle, has appeared in a published book along with the Southtown Star Newspaper.

Best Psychic in ChicagoBest Chicago Psychic is not self proclaimed.  It was a title given to me in 2012, by The Psychic It was something that I was not even aware I was being considered for. I was truly honored to receive this award in a city where so many self-proclaimed psychic readers reside

‘To be offered to touch another person’s hand, is an honor. To be able to touch their heart, is a gift given. To be able to touch their soul, is a blessing of trust. ~ Edward Shanahan ‘

During my readings, I do my version of a palm reading and then Psychometery one on one, where I attempt to tap in to your energy and tell you about yourself. I also use this time to answer any questions that you may have. Readings, in my office, or at house parties, can run from a half an hour to a full hour.

I have also been involved in hands on healing and prayer sessions with individuals. It is not something that I have put out there on public display, or on my web sites. I hope to provide both in the near future for those in the public who seek it. The thing is I am not doing the healing; I am just a go-between, asking for the healing miracles for others who desire it from their hearts. I do not want people feeling as if it is my abilities, powers, or magic. It comes from much higher. Matter of fact, it comes from the highest source. I feel that when I express it that way, that the thought is a threat to others who proclaim it as their ability or power that is doing the healing. I am a firm believer, because I show the respect and speak the knowledge of where it comes from; this is why I am allowed to do so.

Prayer is something else I have been involved with individuals, usually joining them at the Miracle Child’s Grave Site in Chicago Ridge, IL. It is an honor to assist individuals with it and I hope to be offering the prayer sessions on my Internet radio broadcast, or live in person in the very near future. From the Christian book, The Promised Power, “When you pray with people, pause to listen to the Spirit. Explain that you want to start by simply being quiet and asking the Spirit to reveal what the Father wants to do. As you listen and pay attention to what appears on the screen of your mind, you’ll notice that the Spirit speaks far more often than you ever imagined”.  Yes, prayers are important and assisting those in prayer is something that is becoming a bigger calling to me as I go on. For reasons not known to me, I am being guided to assist others in prayer and healing.

It seems I have been guided in different ways, as none of what I do has been learned by going to a class. How can it be for anyone?  Yes, one can guide you and hold your hand per say, because the truth of it is that it is the internal knowledge that directs you. The very first time I received a thought message was many, many years ago when I performed my Circle of

Chicago Psychic / Medium Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan

Energy. It was outdoors in October. I had 45 individuals who came to a location with spirit activity. The owner of the place, overbooked by 25 individuals and never bothered to show up. I did not know what to do. Then, I received a thought message on how to go about doing my Circle of Energy. We went into the woods to an area that is named after an Indian Chief by the Native Americans and I did my Circle of Energy the way the thought message was told me. It was beyond what anyone ever experienced, as Orbs were being seen with the naked eye flying about and towards the Circle of Energy. Spirits were being seen by some individuals. One was a Native American on horseback, wearing warrior paint and gear standing behind me. It was an experience that I was guided to do, and have done so ever since that day many years ago.

Some individuals do not like it, as I attempt to have the spirits interact with those present be it during the day, outside, or in a room with the lights out. When I first starting doing my Circle of Energy, I had some investigation teams say it is like doing a séance etc.  Well, the fact is that paranormal investigation is a modern day séance. It is that individuals use tools and are attempting to act as mediums with the “Give me a message, give us a sign, light up my meter etc. etc. etc.”, so it is humorous to hear my Circle of Energy put down by investigators. Also, for the private homeowner who is having a paranormal investigation performed in their home, I wonder if the thought has occurred to them that it is nothing more then a modern day séance.

This is how I go about it, and I have never in all these many years of being at paranormal locations doing what I do, come across a Demon, had a spirit attached to me, or been possessed. I also do not believe one can carry a spirit from a cemetery to a home, have sex with a spirit, or whatever else may become the new claim.

For those worried about Demons, Satan etc. Let me give you a phrase from what is claimed by Demonologists  to be one of the best demon fighting tools out there: The Bible
‘Satan cannot force us against our will or possess us: 1 Cor 10:13’ Considering no other evil is more powerful than Satan, than all others have no chance either. Of course, if you believe as stated, I totally believe and have walked away for years unharmed.

Let’s go back to how I started this article:
“Your payback for the miracle is to show others that there is a Spirit World, no matter what it takes you to do so.” That was the dream message I received for the healing miracle I asked for from the Spiritual World and it was provided for God’s littlest angel, my granddaughter. That is why I do what I do, and why I raise the spirits so they can interact with those present. The individuals become the Mediums and actually experience the Spirits.  As far as the Psychic  Medium sitting at the end of the table and claiming to know what spirits are around, well it is a whole different world today than the Victorian days and individuals today want more.

I do tap in to the loved ones of those who passed away and give the living individual(s) the personality of the loved one, and also what they went through physically near the time they passed. I have also come across a device that I use that allows the possible communication with the Spirit World once I pull back the veil to that side.

Recent comments from those who have experienced my Circle of Energy to loved ones and the device that I also have that assists in the communication with their loved ones who have passed:
From Irene:
Hi Mr. Edward Shanahan, Jack is still in awe of what happened at the church. We would love to come to another event and possibly bring others to experience this once again. Thank you so much.

From Jack:
Edward, thanks again for the other night doing the readings…. I am in shock still… Lol but, it was a well needed shock… I was very happy my deceased relatives came through. I was very pleased. I plan on trying it again. My brother broke down when i told him everything. In a good way actually and he wants to Try this for himself he says. It is something I’ll never forget.

From Tari:
Thank you so much for all of your guidance this evening.  I truly appreciate the help you give and the care and concern you express.
The above comments were from November of 2013 after a night of Spirit Message Readings with Pastor Mahala Bacon at the Spiritualist Church in Cicero, IL , I provided individuals a session to attempt and have verbal communication with their loved ones that have passed.

Below are comments from a November 2013 house party:
From Rhonda:
Amazing…I don’t have the words to explain. Just amazing…I am still stunned over meeting Edward Shanahan. I have NEVER experienced anything like this before. I believed before the reading…But WOW how much I believe now!!! I am so in aweee still this morning I think I need another cup of coffee. Thank you Ed for a wonderful reading and giving me the ability to reach out and contact…I will see you again…

From Kate:
Thank you Edward Shanahan for last night! Everyone enjoyed their time, especially the Circle of Energy Séance!! Hope to see you again in the near future!

When I am at public haunted locations, some individuals in the paranormal field do not like how I may go about it. Look at it this way, if you are at a location and the spirits are on the darker side, or ruled with an iron fist and hurt people, then a real nice prissy “Mr. Spirit,  Hi, I am here to have you give me a sign, can you say something nice in my nice little digital recorder?” doesn’t work!  Yes, that is how some feel you should always talk to the spirit side. I have tried it in dark locations, or where the spirits were very strong people while living.  Let me say that it does not work. Actually, they are being insulted by that approach. For those who think I am wrong, remember the spirits will not do anything that they do not want to do, and no living individual is more powerful then the Spirit World.

You may ask “Well how about Spirits that are stuck, or do not know they are dead and need to be crossed over?” Really, they don’t not know they’re dead?
#1 – No one is more powerful then the Spirit World, as it would not be allowed.
#2 – They all cross over, no one is stuck or that they don’t realize they are dead.
#3 – Don’t believe me? Then search the Internet for all the documented near death experiences by way of medical surgeries etc., where it is documented that the person died. No one was stuck, lost, or did not know they were dead.
#4 – After researching where the concept of not knowing they were dead etc, came from. It is the old Victorian Mediums way back in the day to get the client to keep coming back and laying the money out. Today I see it as a way of claiming in the eyes of the general public that no one is more powerful than the Spirit World and watch what they do. Basically, they claim they crossed a spirit over and the only proof others have is the individual’s word that they did it.

The nice thing is the general public is getting smarter and realizes their loved ones do cross over as nothing less would be allowed by the Spirit World, as it is where we all came from and will return too.

Yes, it has been a long journey so far. Looking from where and how I started, to where I am now, author of two books, have been written about in four others, my own internet radio show podcast, that has started its 8th year in December 2013, two online magazines I created and a free daily online Paranormal and Spirit World Newspaper, and an article writer for Chicago Now and also the Examiner.

The paranormal field does have it drawbacks, usually caused from those in the same field. I am guided only by the Spirit World, and take my way of doing it by way of the Spirit World directions. I believe in one guiding another in opening up, as we all have the abilities to do so. The two Christian books I mentioned also believe this.  I do not believe in telling one that you have to do it this way, as we are all different and all have our own internal knowledge.  I believe in guiding and that is also what I plan on starting to do  in 2014 with workshops and at some paranormal locations I may get involved with.

As you can see, I look at what I do as being guided by the Spirit World. I trust in the Spirit Guides that have been sent to me to do so. One recent day in my office at the Spiritualist Church in Cicero, IL a woman asked me something that I have never been asked in all these years of doing readings for individuals. She asked “What happens to the children that are a miscarriage?” I went deep seeking the answer, and asked the Spirit World what is the response for that, what does happen? Then I gave the women the answer I received “They become an Angel watching over the Mother and her other children if there are any”.

I will leave this where it is right now. I wanted to explain a bit about who I am and exactly what it is I do. There is a real strong spiritual side to what I do and why I do it.

‘To be offered to touch another person’s hand, is an honor. To be able to touch their heart, is a gift given. To be able to touch their soul, is a blessing of trust. ~ Edward Shanahan ‘

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Statement from Chicago Psychic Reader Edward Shanahan

Statement from Chicago Psychic Reader Edward Shanahan

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