Chicago haunted ghost tour can now be free with this new free App

Chicago haunted ghost tour can now be free with this new free App
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by Edward Shanahan

Many times when a Chicago haunted ghost tour comes to the S.W. Suburbs of Chicago for the Haunted Archer Avenue Tour,  I have been asked to assist with when the bus tours have decides to venture from being parked on the north side of Chicago in front of the Rock and Roll McDonald’s to venture down to the S.W. Suburbs right out side of Chicago, an area more active today then the Chicago locations are.

The reason I have been asked in the past along with my daughter, is for the fact I have lived my whole fifty plus years of life within five to ten minutes Chicago land areas most haunted locations. I was wandering around Bachelors Grove Cemetery back in 1974 when I first drove back there in 1974. That was 39 years ago and Richard Crowe had made a name of himself already as he was the first in Chicago to talk about the haunted locations and made many of the places famous.

16 haunted locations listed as stops with six of them being cemeteries to visit in person or view with this free app of Haunted Archer Avenue. This free app includes audio description for each location, plus a photo and a map to each stop. This can be viewed world wide as the free app is like downloading an audio tour photo book of haunted Archer Avenue created by an individual who has lived close enough to experience each location many of time.

This free Chicago paranormal tour app was created by me, as my way of giving individuals with an interest in the paranormal or haunted locations, something for free as the ghost tours in Chicago are highly priced for many and this provides you with the same locations to explore and visit on your own time and the pace you desire.

The free Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour should be a joy to view just sitting there and looking at the locations and hearing the audio for free from your device.

Enjoy this free Chicago ghost tour app and join me on Facebook,

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