Chicago ghost tour of haunted Archer Ave on Pinterest

Chicago ghost tour of haunted Archer Ave on Pinterest
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by Edward Shanahan

Chicago ghost tour haunted locations of Archer Avenue and more on Pinterest Chicago Paranormal Tour Site with map.

The Chicago paranormal collection of locations are mainly in the Southwest Side Suburbs just outside of Chicago. Since 1974 and at the age of 16 years old I have been experiencing the locations and it started with Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

All the information about the Chicago haunted locations back then were being showcased by only one person, Mr. Richard Crowe. He was the first Chicago Ghost Story Teller, Researcher and Historian about these locations. I listened and followed up with what I heard from Richard Crowe as I did not have to travel any distance to explore and experience the locations back then in 1974 and at the time of writing this I am 55 on 12/19/13.

I have from birth lived in the area that is within five minutes of Resurrection Mary’s stomping grounds, Resurrection Cemetery and just a couple minutes down the road from the cemetery is the other known location of Resurrection Mary, The Willowbrook Ballroom in Willow Springs, IL. All the rest are within 15 minutes from my home.

So it should not be of any surprise that I have become a paranormal host for specific locations and have even discovered a few like Al Capone’s Cullerton Hotel, Senator John Humphrey House, Valentine’s Chicago Boys and Girls Club and a home that was Willow Springs Mayor White’s home. I have assisted in the past those ghost tours that travel down to the South

Al Capone's Cullerton Hotel

Al Capone’s Cullerton Hotel

Suburbs, as they had the story teller about the locations on the bus tour and I would provide the experiences for the individuals on the tours.

November of 2013 I did my broadcast of The Unexplained World Internet radio show and listed over 30 paranormal locations I have experienced and explored. I only share those that I have experienced and explored and they are the only ones I write about or talk about. You can hear the podcast at: The Unexplained World Internet radio show.

Lets not forget the two ‘Free’ paranormal magazines I have on line. #1 is Paranormal & Spiritual World News Free Magazine # 2 is the Bachelors Grove Cemetery TributeFree Magazine. Also one final publication that comes out daily and I created it, the free online newspaper The Paranormal and Spirit World Newspaper daily online newspaper.

I hope you enjoy what I have listed here as they are all free and once you get to the Pinterest site listed at the top of this article, you will find one free surprise waiting for all to download and it is free.

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  • Love the Pinterest board - I've never seen anything put together like that. But the real question is - are there ghosts out there?

  • Hello Margaret,

    We are surrounded by Spirits. The Pinterest board locations are all documented locations for paranormal activity.

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