Spirit Message Circle this Sunday 28th and every last Sunday of month in Cicero, IL

Spirit Message Circle this Sunday 28th and every last Sunday of month in Cicero, IL
Spiritual Church in Cicero, IL

by Edward Shanahan.

The last Sunday of every month there is a special spiritual offering being offered in Cicero, IL at 8pm. The Spiritual Message Circle is what is offered it has grown in numbers with each month that it is performed for individuals.

I am teaming up with internationally acclaimed Medium Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D. To perform an open a message circle monthly on the last Sunday of the month. We feel together we can bring to you the experience of both of our careers for expanded awareness and spirit communication. This message circle will allow you to ask two (2) questions and get a Message (psychic reading.) We are asking for a donation of $10.00. The meeting will always be on the last Sunday of the month.

Mahala and I will soon begin a workshop, for those of you interested in matters of the spirit. These workshops would include Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, mediumship, channeling, Psychometry and much more. Timing for this will be determined, as we have not cleared our schedule for this activity yet, but it will be soon.

Even though Mahala and I will be teaming up in particular areas of our work to offer a more extended and comprehensive platform of services for you, we each will continue our own private and personal readings, and spirit activities. We just feel that working together can bring a more unique experience and an expanded quality of spirit work for each of you.

As many of you know my works have been written about in books and I have written articles in local papers. My work in the paranormal has been written about by journalists in the Chicagoland area. I have appeared on radio talk shows as a guest speaker and I have a radio internet podcast show. I have written two books available for e- downloads. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, I offer private consultations, Psychometric messages of loved ones (please bring an item of your loved one) group gatherings, or investigation needs. My core belief in working with the spirit is “To be offered to touch another person’s hand is an honor. To be able to touch their heart is a gift given. To be able to touch their soul is a blessing of trust.” Edward Shanahan

Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D. is a Spiritualist and a medium. She has been selected to be in the Heritage book of Who’s Who, which resides in the library of congress, She has also received world acclaim throughout Europe and India. Mahala is a teacher a counselor and an astrological intuitive. She is involved in mystical studies and teach the scientific and subjective theories that involve these studies. Her field of expertise is in sacred sciences and spiritual energetics. Cable programing and radio shows she often appears on. Mahala writes articles on an international platform. Her work includes seminars, workshops and intuitive readings. Mahala mediumship work includes private sessions, séances, and public work. Private consultations are strictly by appointments. Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D

I feel together with Mahala our services offered is greater than either of us could realize alone.

Edward L. Shanahan

5130 W. 25th Street

Cicero, Illinois 60804



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