Dear Mr. President and Lawmakers, a possible solution for gun control

Hello Mr. President and Lawmakers,

My name is Edward Shanahan and what I am posting here has nothing to with any politics, it is just a possible very good solution for the gun ownership issues and does not infringe on anyone’s 2nd amendment rights but does become a way of registration taken out of the hands of the citizen and providing them something not to fret about doing as it will be automatic and simple.

The solution is guns and ammunition can only be brought with either a Charge Card or Bank Debit Card, no gift cards would be allowed nor would cash be allowed to buy guns and ammunition. Those selling guns at Gun Shows can get a free App that even Pay Pal has, it would allow the gun seller to accept charge or bank debit cards.

Banks do background checks for opening a bank account and an individual needs a bank account to have a bank debit card along with money in the bank. A charge card has it’s background check and actual limits, thus in a way making sure the unemployed 22 year old that needs help with mental issues, is not finding help by way of spending a couple thousands on guns and ammo. The person who may not have the ability to spend a lot with a charge card can deposit the money in a bank account and use the bank debit card thus also possibly giving a spouse or another individual who may share the account a heads up if the money is going to buy guns and ammo, it may actually save a spouse’s life by doing this.

Also all guns and ammo purchased under the card holders name (thus may make one hesitant in buying for another person), it automatically goes in a database specific for gun and ammunition purchases. The gun shop would when ringing up the charge or bank debit card would have to include the information (serial number, type etc..) about the gun in ringing up the sale. This would go in to a database and the information then sent out to the city police department that the charge card owner lives in, thus automatically becomes registered.

The ammunition would be handled like cigarettes in my state of IL, each case of bullets would have a tax stamp on it like a pack of cigarettes does. Also the box would have it’s own scan bar on it so when purchased that automatically becomes known. The gun shop would have to have an equal number of what has been sold and what has not been sold in his store. This would allow for a state employee to check the books and inventory of the gun shop to make sure the numbers equal. If the books states he purchased 200 boxes of bullets and sold 50, then 150 boxes of bullets better still be in the store. Also this info would be sent to the city of the individual the purchased the bullets.

Another good thing about this for bullets is the fact… If an individual purchased a decent amount of armor piercing bullets, well once it made it (red flagged), to the city the individual lives in, then the police department can decide if this situation should be followed up on. Also if a individual purchased bullets for a gun that would use that type of size bullet, is not on record in the database that it is registered, then the police department once receiving the red flag notice can check up on it if they decide to and ask the owner to register.

All this can be done for the gun shows also, as one needs to have a bank account to accept charge cards or bank debit cards, thus keeping the sellers in these type of shows also on the up and up

Thank you for your time,

Edward Shanahan

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