Chicago Psychic and Paranormal Host Edward Shanahan missing?

Chicago Psychic and Paranormal Host Edward Shanahan missing?
Circle of Energy Seance

by Edward Shanahan

Best Chicago Psychic 2012 award for Edward Shanahan

Getting here has been hard, not that I have not wanted to but because of life. Nine weeks ago I stopped smoking (3 packs a day), cold turkey and my body had it’s own shock reaction. I would not recommend cold turkey to anyone since they have all kinds of nicotine crutches to help ease it for anyone looking to stop. It is not easy and it is not those smoking around me and I do not do the phoney cough when there is someone smoking around me. Nor do I consider second hand smoke a killer as I have never seen a house bird with it’s little lungs die in a home of a smoker in any short time.

There will be dates of locations for both the paranormal and psychic readings that I will be posting soon. Also I have studied and been certified to teach the Law of Attraction. Also coming soon is my own personal creation for either entertaining house parties or at public locations: Spiritual Birth Aura – graphics. Also was awarded the 2012 Best Chicago Psychic Award last year.

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House parties dates are open now in May for Saturday eves. With spring and summer readings can be preformed outside at night. Also providing private paranormal nights for those with family and friends interested in such an experience that will allow you to explore and experience a location and ever night ends with my Circle of Energy Seance. Locations range from a whole historic location to a past Senator’s home.

As promised more information will be coming soon very soon as the largest Chicago haunted location to explore will be announced and is a fundraiser set on Saturday March 16th near White Sox Park, details at Chicago Paranormal Nights.

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