Chicago Paranormal dates and nights to explore and experience locations for individuals with Edward Shanahan

Chicago Paranormal dates and nights to explore and experience locations for individuals with Edward Shanahan
Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Reader and Medium.

by Edward Shanahan


Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Headstones back in early 2000 taken by Edward Shanahan.

Upcoming Chicago Paranormal dates are below.

Back in 1975 I was already driving and wandering around Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery when it was an enjoyable mystery of a place to wander in to and a time when those who write about it today were about five years old if not younger and I was driving back in to Bachelors Grove Cemetery at night, as then both could be accomplished. One thing I picked up from that location and the other locations that followed that I was drawn to, is they are to be ‘experienced’.

There was no one being called Paranormal Investigators, the tools if any used back then other then one’s senses were maybe a camera and a ‘tape’ recorder. Back then it was actually Exploring and Experiencing. Those drawn to it then was usually just good old teenage fun with friends or going solo to explore and experience.

Explore and Experience is what I provide with my Chicago Paranormal Nights at locations, be it for the public or a private paranormal nights. Many if not most of the locations are historic locations with paranormal activity, Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Pk, IL is one of the historic sites, Valentine’s Chicago Boys and Girls Club, Al Capone’s Cullerton Hotel just to name a few and these are ones that I have an exclusive with.

Rare photo of music playing mausoleum at Fairmont Hills Cemetery

Rare photo of music playing mausoleum at Fairmont Hills Cemetery

When holding the paranormal nights and being a Spirit Feeler and Medium I assist those who participate with something as simple as “point your camera there” and usually produces something for the picture taker. Also being a Spirit Feeler I assist individuals in doing communication recordings or EVP’s as they are called as I ask the question by what I am feeling. Also for at least eight years I have been very successful with using a Ghost Box with individuals.

Haunted Senator John Humphrey House.

Haunted Senator John Humphrey House.

With the paranormal nights there is usually an investigation team that I invite out to assist those who are participating in the paranormal nights. I also have other Spirit Feelers who work with me to add to the experience of the night for those who participate.

The nights start out with a tour of the location and depending on the location, at times I will provide free readings for individuals if the individuals are waiting for a small group to return. Then individuals will be allowed to explore the location with their tools (cameras, recorders and now a few Apps for paranormal investigations.

The paranormal team, the Spirit Feelers and my self will work with the individuals to assist them in having their own experiences during the night. With some individuals who seem that they may have the ability to feel Spirits I and one of my Spirit Feelers will work with the individual(s) in a way to have them relax to the point that they start to experience the spirit in the room.

Circle of Energy Seance with Edward Shanahan

Circle of Energy Seance with Edward Shanahan

Each one of my paranormal nights ends with my creation ‘ Circle of Energy Seance’, where you become the Medium as during my circle my goal is to have the Spirits interact with you, so that you become the Medium. The reason for this is I am well read on the subject of seances and Mediums and would be a skeptic and have been of those who sit at the end of the table and just say the spirit of so and so are here and much more that can only be experienced by the Medium / Psychic and the individuals present just have to take the Mediums / Psychics word for it.

Upcoming Chicago Paranormal Dates:

March 10th Sunday 1pm – 4pm.  ‘Free’ Open House Tour at Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Pk. 9830 W. 144th place, Orland Park, IL  Historical Society giving the historic tour and I will be giving the paranormal history of the location that I have held my paranormal nights at.

March 16th Saturday 7:30pm – 1pm. Chicago Paranormal Night at Chicago’s largest haunted location that you can explore the whole location, 44,000 SF 3 huge full levels and a small 4th floor. The Valentine’s Chicago Boys and Girls Club  and is a fundraiser for them held in their paranormal active location in the very good neighborhood west of White Sox Park at: 3400 S. Emerald Ave, Chicago. The night will end with my Circle of Energy Seance.  To sign up and reserve with just 1/2 down and the difference the night of the fundraiser go to: Valentines Boys and Girls Club Paranormal Night.

April and May dates are already full.

June 8th Saturday a very special paranormal overnight at a very special haunted hotel in Indiana – The Roads Hotel. No crazy prices for this over night to explore and experience this hotel and the haunted city that it sits in. Details at:  Roads Hotel Over Night Experience June 8th.

More dates and locations to come including:
Las Vegas in August that I will be doing my Circle of Energy at Binion’s Casino and Hotel.
Kentucky overnight in Sept and on a haunted plantation and cemetery.

Public Psychic Readings:
April 6th – Fundraising Event for the Fur Kids & Adoption Event for the South Suburban Humane Society from 2pm – 7pm at: 3359 West 115th Street, Merrionette Park, IL

More Public Psychic Reading Dates to be announced.

More details can be found on my Facebook Page as it is posted or the monthly newsletter you can sign up for at Chicago Paranormal Nights web site.

Interested in having a Psychic House Party or private individual readings at your location or possibly by phone? Also included now is my new creation ‘Spiritual Birth Aura Graphic’. I am certified in Law of Attraction and Pendulum Programing. Hopefully soon to be certified in Reiki. You can view my web site at: Edward Shanahan. Also the author of two books and have been written about in for paranormal books by four different authors.

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Edward Shanahan and his Circle of Energy Seance.

Edward Shanahan and his Circle of Energy Seance.

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