Free Orland Park, IL - Paranormal Discussions Thursday January 24, 2013

Free Orland Park, IL - Paranormal Discussions Thursday January 24, 2013
Haunted Senator John Humphrey House.

by Edward Shanahan

Thursday January 24th, 7pm – 9 pm. Free Paranormal Discussion in Orland Park, IL.  Provided by the Orland Park, Historical Society and hosted at the Orland Pk, Police Station auditorium at: 15100 South Ravinia Avenue,Orland Park, IL 60462

Haunted Senator Humphrey House

Haunted Senator Humphrey House

Orland Park, IL is a yet to be discovered historical location of supernatural activity. Already the locations I have been invited in to explore, from Senator John Humphrey House a location that I hold my paranormal nights at, to a home built in 1888 and is now used as an antique store, has a history of paranormal activity. I along with my Spirit Feelers will be attempting to bring the information out in the future. It is an honor for me to be able to work with the Orland Park Historical Society throughout the years.

The Spirit Feelers that assist me ‘Lorissa, Heather and JoAnn’ explored the antique store location with me recently. Lorissa was able to tap in to the spirit of a woman that remains in the house using a method and tool she prefers to use.  JoAnn and Heather were being drawn as I was, to the items in the store that had their own energy with many of the items coming from estate sales or family members bringing items in of their loved ones.

Extreme Vision Paranormal investigation team will be starting out the discussion talking about the tools, how they are used and what they may capture. I will be talking about the local haunted areas in the S.W. Suburbs, that I have lived my whole life at and was running around Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery back in 1975, when one could drive back there at night and it be legal to do so.  The Senator John Humphrey House, Monk’s Castle, The Stretch of Death and other locations in the haunted S.W. Suburbs.

Also possibly showing up and will be introduced on Thursday January 24th, are the Spirit Feelers that have worked with me in the past, Nichole, Michelle, Stacie, Toni, Lorissa, Heather and JoAnn. Plus the investigation teams I have asked to assist me in the past at all the different haunted locations.

Chicago Psychic / Medium Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan – Chicago Psychic / Medium.

Edward Shanahan – Entertaining Chicago Psychic Reader / Medium and host of Chicago Paranormal Nights to explore and experience the locations. Award winner of the ‘2012 Best Chicago Psychic Award’. He has been written about in five paranormal authors books and the latest being Haunted Asylums and he has authored his own two books for e-readers.

Host of The Unexplained World – internet radio broadcast now in it’s 7th year. Worked with Ms. Ursula Bielski in the past (both being Chicago Paranormal Legends), with their ‘Beyond The Veil’ paranormal experiences. A believer in a unity of faiths. A believer in ‘No living individual is more powerful then the spiritual world – as it would not be allowed’.

In 2013 providing more Psychic House Parties, Paranormal Nights and new in 2013 –  He and the Spirit Feelers attempting to bring comfort to private locations that may have activity, as one thing seems to be a fact, cleansing or banishing does not do it, by what home owners have experienced from others in the past.
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