Chicago Paranormal Legends free 'Paranormal Yule Party' Friday Dec. 14th, at haunted Chet's Melody Lounge, Justice, IL

Chicago Paranormal Legends free 'Paranormal Yule Party' Friday Dec. 14th, at haunted Chet's Melody Lounge, Justice, IL

All are invited to this unique Paranormal Yule Party in the Chicago land area with Chicago’s paranormal own Ursula Bielski and Edward Shanahan. Friday December 14th 2012 from 7pm-11pm or later.

This is free (but please consider bringing a can or two food donation for a local abused woman’s shelter). Being held at haunted and legendary Chet’s Melody Lounge located right across the street of Resurrection Cemetery, the resting place of Resurrection Mary. Located at: 7400 South Archer Road, Justice, IL 60458 Phone: (708) 496-9202.

Haunted Chet's Melody Lounge, Justice, IL

A fun Christmas Holiday Night for all with an interest in the paranormal field and the night is hosted by Rich and Barb Prusinski owners of Chet’s Melody Lounge.

Free food, free karaoke during the night, cheap drinks and to celebrate the holidays in their own unique way with Ursula telling Ghosts of Christmas Pasts stories, Edward Shanahan doing his entertaining Readings in the Round. Both Ursula and Edward combined discussion of paranormal experiences they have shared together in the past. Karaoke during the night.

Also joining Ursula and Edward is experienced paranormal investigator and one who assists Ursula, Karl Kochmann. New to assisting Edward Shanahan and with a background in the paranormal, research and location investigation, Ms. Susan Sherman and this is just the beginning.

Ms. Ursula Bielski is Chicago’s top paranormal author for over ten years with her Chicago Haunts books and others. Many of Ursula’s books are written with her researched historic history along with the paranormal history put to type with her own thoughts and words about the S.W. Suburbs haunted locations. Her Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tours are regularly run in the area and daily in Chicago and are the best known in the this area of the S.W. suburbs that is considered Chicago’s most haunted area.

Edward Shanahan is a 2012 Best Chicago Psychic award winner. A paranormal experiences host and Medium with his Chicago Paranormal Nights held at haunted historic locations in the Chicago land area and other nearby states. Author of his own two books and written about in five paranormal authors books. Shanahan has lived his whole 50 plus years in this Chicago’s most haunted area, the S.W. Suburbs of the Chicago land area and has experienced the locations on a regular basis that many authors just drive by after reading about them on the Internet.

Together Ursula and Edward have provided paranormal nights, tours and experiences throughout the years with Ursula providing historic and paranormal history along with paranormal investigation assistance and skills while Edward worked with individuals dealing with the spirits, experiencing them and ending the nights with his Circle Of Energy. Together at locations they have been asked to speak at results in standing room only and combined together for paranormal nights, have seen them all fill up with waiting lists.

Join in on this Paranormal Yule December 14th, a one of a kind Christmas Holiday treat at a one of a kind paranormal location.

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