Huge Haunted House is a must visit this season - The Asylum Xperiment Haunted Attractions in Villa Park, IL

Huge Haunted House is a must visit this season - The Asylum Xperiment Haunted Attractions in Villa Park, IL

by Edward Shanahan.

This has to be on everyone’s list of Haunted Halloween Houses to visit this season.

The Asylum Xperiment Sheds Its Skin

Villa Park, IL – Terror returns to The Odeum Expo Center in Villa Park once again this year as The Asylum Xperiment Haunted Attractions sheds its skin and expands outward, upward and hits you from all sides. Experience fear from a whole new dimension as multiple levels allow the evil to reach you from above and below, altering your perspective and raising the intensity of your fear to an entirely new plane.

With over 100 creatures, zombies and freaks wreaking havoc throughout, the creators of The Asylum Xperiment have outdone themselves once again by adding new effects, animations, and vignettes like The 40 foot Tunnel of Terror, the Apocalyptic Bar/Diner Scene, a tilting, rocking, 35’ Gothic Chamber, a multi-level graveyard, and never before seen jumping, pounding, quaking effects, catapulting your adrenaline level towards overload. With over 40 separate and unique rooms, fans who want more than just sights and sounds to shock their senses will appreciate being able to “feel” the rumbling and shaking effects and be confronted with the unmistakable smells that will be etched in their minds during this latest production.

The magic of being housed at the massive Odeum, in addition to a warm and professional venue, food & drink facilities, and tons of free parking, is the ability for The Asylum Xperiment to continually grow in all three dimensions. And grow they have, garnering the coveted title of “The largest haunted attraction in Chicagoland” they are not content to sit back and remain the #2 voted haunt in Illinois by fans and industry peers after only two years on the scene. This premier Hollywood style haunt now tips the scales at an immense 45,000 square feet, offering three unique attractions, The House, Blackout, and Armageddon. All three experiences are seamlessly tied together and included in one admission ticket, this must-see extravaganza will reach #1 this year during only its third incarnation.

Despite its enormous size, every square inch of this haunted attraction is meticulously designed down to the finest detail by co-creators, Dave Link and Mike Skodacek. Each scene is genuinely a work of art, something to be savored, and despite your pounding heart, not to be rushed. For those who appreciate the art and science that goes into the creation and operation of such a colossal show, a lights-on matinee show is available for families, larger groups and youth organizations.

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