Thoughts from Chicago Psychic Reader, Medium and Spirit Feeler

Thoughts from Chicago Psychic Reader, Medium and Spirit Feeler
Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Best 2012 award,

Thoughts from Chicago Psychic Reader, Medium and Spirit Feeler.
by Edward Shanahan

Hello Readers,

I enjoy posting on my Facebook page some thoughts that just come to me and I pass them along to those who are friends on my page.

Below you will find a couple of them and below them some information on a free App.


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To be offered to touch another person’s hand, is an honor. To be able to touch their heart, is a gift given. To be able to touch their soul, is a blessing of trust. ~ Edward Shanahan

If you think the pit may be endless, slowly back away instead of peaking over the edge to find out. ~ Edward Shanahan.

FRIEND – so easy of a word to throw out when in reality it should not be.

F inds a place in your heart, be it small or large.
R espects what hurts you and tries to avoid it.
I s one you know will listen and try to understand.
E xcepts limitations you may have.
N ever have to wonder if one is actually your friend.
D efends you instead of selling you out for another.

So if you have one or more, count it as a blessing. If one has let you down by their actions to the point they know it really hurt you, accept it as knowledge. Even though the lesson may be costly for the heart and mind, look in the mirror and know you still have you and when you see yourself in that mirror, know that someone else will see what you know is within you.

Never beg for the friendship of another as they will always hold that over you. Also know that a friend can become an acquaintance from once being a friend if you need to, easier then they became a friend for you, and harder to once again become a friend as lesson has been learned from them. ~ Edward Shanahan

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