Cemetery ghost tour with Psychic Medium June 30th in Rockford, IL

Cemetery ghost tour with Psychic Medium June 30th in Rockford, IL

Cemetery ghost tour with psychic medium June 30th in Rockford, IL.
by Edward Shanahan

Ceder Bluff Cemetery in Rockford Illinois at 1200 Rural Street, from 7:00 – 8:30pm on June 30th will be the location of something rare among ghost tours, a ghost tour holding a walk among those in a cemetery with a Psychic Medium.

Haunted Rockford ghost tours run by Ms. Kathi Kresol will be hosting this rare cemetery walk with self proclaimed Psychic Medium, the Reverend (ULC) Mark Dorsett on June 30th, 2012

Ms. Kathi Kresol will share stories of the famous (and infamous) characters of Forest City’s past while the Reverend Psychic Medium Mr. Dorsett will provide those that participate in the walk his psychic impressions of the unseen guests (spirits) that are seen by him during the walk at the Ceder Bluff Cemetery.

Ceder Bluff Cemetery is listed as one of the oldest cemeteries in Rockford that was established in 1847 and once known as the East Side Cemetery.

Mr. Dorsett recently posted that he is wondering who will have a personal experience during the walk among in the cemetery on Saturday June 30th?

Join Haunted Rockford ghost tours for only $15 in advance or $20 at this event for a Haunted Rockford walk at Ceder Bluff Cemetery with Kathi Kresol and Medium, the Reverend Mark Dorsett.

You can reserve by calling 815-871-4239, at the web site Haunted Rockford or just show up for this Haunted Rockford walk through Ceder Bluff Cemetery at 7pm on June 30th.

When you have psychic mediums walking among those who are dead in a cemetery it is a good opportunity for those who may have love ones buried at the cemetery to come out and have the medium attempt to channel a love one buried at the cemetery.

It is like a modern day seance with the medium channeling the love one who has passed away at the location of the buried love one. It is always best to just show up without reserving, pay the fee at the event and then ask the psychic for their impression.

I personally have no problem with this when I am doing readings of love ones who have passed away while  doing my readings in the round (or gallery readings) and should be welcomed by those who do medium work or channeling.

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Enjoy your cemetery ghost tour walk!

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