St. Charles, IL - Under The Big Top. New family fun location

St. Charles, IL - Under The Big Top. New family fun location

St. Charles, IL – Under The Big Top. New family fun location.
by Edward Shanahan

Under The Big Top, Inc. 731 N. 17th Street, St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone:  630-377-4386
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A fun location for families, parties and arcade game playing and unique fun. Do to my schedule with the things I do in the paranormal and psychic house parties field, it is not that often that I can take a break and just go visit a fun location with a friend.

Friday night I had the opportunity to take a ride to St. Charles with my buddy to visit the huge arcade family fun new location ‘Under The Big Top’. I have to say I was impressed by the size.

The rooms that the location offers for Birthday and Kids parties are ones that the parties can be kept private. The size of the food area is large and where my buddy and I took the opportunity to have some of the food that was very good and filled us up.

The size of the location was amazing, as there were families enjoying the night along with a group or two for a birthday party and no one was under foot.

Not only can the large arcade game area keep the kids occupied for hours, there is an area for the parents and grandparents to sit back on large cushioned chairs and chat or watch a large screen TV after having a nice snack in the food area.

I got caught up in accumulating points with the Skee Ball game, while my buddy earned points with the Wheel of Fortune Game. Then I challenged him at one of the Air Hockey games that they have at the location.  He beat me at it or by his words ‘creamed me’. It was fun as it has been awhile since I have played air hockey.

The electronic arcade games were many to pick from and the arcade games allow you to win more points for prizes while there are even some games that allow you to win prizes right at the game.

I seen something there that I have never seen before and was making me wish that I was a kid or teen again. It is a Ball Blaster Arena. Yes this is a arena with thousands of soft foam balls that fly through Under the Big Top’s Ball Blasting Arena from top to bottom in a frenzy of fun.

The soft foam balls fly upward from the center volcano, downward from the dumping bucket, and fly across from 8 easy to use cannon blasters on the second and third levels. Kids will climb and maneuver through mazes, obstacles, swinging areas, and two huge rocket blaster slides. The – Under the Big Top’s Ball Blaster Arena in St. Charles is the only one you will find in the Chicago land area and surrounding suburbs.

Then I wandered over to the Go Kart area and I must say these are not your putt, putt around the track Karts. They have  get up and go to them. The nice thing is that it is for all ages, as adults can sit with the young ones in a Kart. I seen two dads sitting with their young ones in the carts and as I watched them go around the track, both dads were smiling ear to ear, that was special to see the dads having as much fun as the young ones at their side.

After the place closed for the night, I had the opportunity to walk in the large Laser Tag inclosed area. It was set up as an urban setting and it was great and huge, very, very well done.  Heck around Halloween (or a weekend special), I thought Zombie’s as one team take on the general public as another team as a Laser Tag day. Sounds like fun just to be one of the Zombies.

Who knows, maybe even in the near future with the food area being so large, maybe one night there maybe a paranormal night with guest speakers, paranormal teams and my self, as this was discussed and very much an interest with the owners of Under The Big Top, for over the top fun.

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