Chicago Psychic Reader, Medium, Paranormal Host - keeping true self

Chicago Psychic Reader, Medium, Paranormal Host - keeping true self

Chicago Psychic Reader, Medium, Paranormal Host – keeping true self. by Edward Shanahan

No Agents. No entertainment services. No marketing group. No PR Services. Just doing what I do at the best it can be done, is how I do it. ~ Edward Shanahan

It has been many years now that I have been doing Chicago land area psychic house parties, public location readings (even though they are rare), paranormal nights, writing hundreds of articles, have been written about in four paranormal books, newspaper articles and recently I have written two books of my own and my web site Edward has seen nearly 3,000,000 visitors at the time of this article.

I am happy that I have kept to my true self with what I do. Even though I do not like the title ‘Psychic’, it is a title that has to be used.  Titles that I like and use often are Spirit Feeler, Reader, Medium,  Spiritualist Coach, Spirit Communicator, Channeller,  even Entertainer fits as individuals enjoy what they experience, be it the Readings or a public or private Chicago paranormal night.

What my goals are during the paranormal nights, is to have the individuals who participate in my Circle of Energy, experience the Spirit World, become the Mediums and say what they are experiencing.  I always state that anyone can sit at a table, call their self a Medium and claim that this spirit or that spirit is present and the individuals involved just have to take the Medium’s word for it.

The same goes with the readings of love ones who passed away, so I raised the bar and attempt to have the individual visualize and have their love one come to them in a vision while I am doing the reading.

All that I have accomplished without any agents etc; (yes individuals in the paranormal and psychic field have agents now), it still warms me and feels good when I assist individuals in what they are seeking.

Below you will see their responses and they are important to me, as it provides meaning for me for what I do and why I do it.


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Comments from Psychic Readings / House Parties / Corporate Parties.

From Priscilla D. – 2012 “Edward, I wanted to post a THANK YOU! We had such a good time during your visit. A lot of things were confirmed spiritually and the windows and doors of knowledge were opened unto us. We will have to follow up with you and update you on all of the things that have happened since we last saw you… Which was only less than 12 hours ago! LOL ! Take care and Thanks again :)”

From Nikol A. – 2012  “By the way..after you left. When you shook my husbands hand, he told me it was burning him and it was red and swollen….:) I told him, because you (husband), are not a believer… but I think you are changing his mind. I can’t wait for my mother to book her party with you. Thanks again!”

From Stacey – 2012 “Dearest Edward, I cannot thank you enough… Thank you – Thank you for taking the time to share information from your experiences, research and knowledge of the paranormal and spiritual world, and for helping me to have some spiritual peace after my experience. I have attentively read the links you sent and have continued on to other articles & Ebooks you have written & linked on your website. And with stories like “The Amityville Hoax”, to Not be influenced by the hype of Paranormal tales & scares.

You have defiantly given me another way to think of my experience. As I read the article “The Shadows Within”, it was all to close to my heart. I am one who has simply always believed, Never saw a ghost. But I don’t need to see them to know they are there! Through your help and advice, Armed With more knowledge and a better understanding of the spiritual world. I’m choosing to appreciate this as a unique experience, and to believe, It is just that- “My unique and personal experience”! – Not of something evil or demonic. I choose to be a Volunteer and not a Victim! Again, Thank you. You have been a tremendous help! Sincerely, Stacey”

From Megan D. – 2012 “Thanks so much for the nice evening.  Everyone had a wonderful time. At least two of my relatives said that was the best reading experience they have ever had.  Thanks again! Megan”

From Colleen R. – 2012 “Edward, we had the Best time, thank you for giving us an interesting and very FUN evening! It was and everything I hoped it would be, I will be sharing your cards with everyone! Thanks again, Colleen”

From Javiera – 2012 “We had a wonderful time! Thank you for coming out! Will definitely be keeping in touch”!

From Tracy M. – 2011 “It was nice meeting you last night. Thank you for being so kind and for giving me some direction. I have a tight group of girlfriends who are very interested in doing a gathering with you like the one last night though it will be a smaller group and they will be a bit less rambunctious 🙂 ”

From Preacher Pam A. – 2011 “You did that for my family and it meant the world to us. Thank you Ed and God Bless you!”

From Crystal M. 2011 “This is what i absolutely love about you Edward..its hard to find that these days in people who are gifted as yourself.”

From Kathy B. – 2011 “No thank YOU for your positive energy, how “spot on” you were with everything you said! We will definitely have you out again for more are absolutely awesome!!”

From Sandra K. – 2011 “I know what you have done for me and will always be greatfull. You are a light at the end of a tunnel . Blessings to you.”

From Melanie S. – 2011 “Thank you for doing our readings. All of my guests were very pleased with their readings and my mother and I hope to see again after the new year.”

From Ashley T. – 2011 “You have opened my eyes to what I am and could be. Thought it would be a good opportunity to see if I could tap in a little deeper”.

From Sherry T. – 2011 “Thank you for coming out tonight!”

From Megan O. – 2011 “Thank you! We had so much fun, so we may have to make it an annual party. We may also join in one of your outtings!”

From Megan C. – 2011, “Thanks again for coming out! My friends really enjoyed the entire evening and were highly intrigued by the seance. My house has been calm since then, so no worries! Thanks again, I look forward to attending another paranormal night soon”. Megan

From Diane S. – 2011, “Thank you. A good time was had by all. Not only did I learn a lot, my mind was also put at ease because many thoughts were confirmed. Hope to see you at future events”.

Corporate Party – December 2010
“On behalf of Two Degrees / Slalom, I’d like to thank both you and Annette for providing such great entertainment at our event. I truly enjoyed both of your readings and I received very positive feedback from everyone that you spoke to. I know the music was quite loud and you had to speak rather loudly for the evening. Hopefully, you still had a voice the next morning! Thanks again and Happy Holidays to both of you and your families.” Best regards, Ken Blanck.

From Jocelyne 2010 “Edward, I wanted to thank you again, you did such a wonderful job on Friday night. It must have been such a long night for you. I look forward to meeting you again in the future. Some of my friends and I are looking into attending one of your other events. This time I promise it will be a little smaller. Take Care”

From Leah 2010 – “Thank you Edward for a lovely Sunday afternoon. I enjoyed the tour and tea at Scutt’s mansion and definitely enjoyed your personality and reading…xoxo”

From Roxanne 2010 – “Edward, You received rave reviews!!!!! Thank you for coming to my home and giving us such an interesting evening. So much to think about. All The Best Regards”

From Chris Brooks 2010 – “Your readings were “dead” on.  On the way back to my niece’s last night, everyone was very positive and satisfied with the evening”. 

From C. Mrozek – “Hi Edward, Thank you for coming! We all had a great time. My Mom really seemed to enjoy listening to everyone’s readings. Thank you so much for making it a “fun” reading. With the group of people we had it would not have been fun if you had done it any other way! I think everyone enjoyed having you there. Your readings were spot-on and a lot of fun to listen to! We will defiantly recommend you to our friends and family for future gatherings! Thank you again for adding a fun twist to Mom’s 70th Birthday! We really enjoyed having you there. Thanks and take care”.

From Allison – “Thank you Ed. We had a great time, you were a big hit!”

Comments from some recent  Chicago Paranormal Nights

Comment from the 2012 Geneva, IL Haunted Mansion Paranormal Night
Angel M. wrote: “Thank you! And we are really looking forward to having more Investigations with u! We had a blast!!!”

Comment from the 2012 Geneva, IL Haunted Mansion Paranormal Night
Rita C. wrote: “Thanks Ed and to all that made it a great night!!!!”

Comment from the 2012 Geneva, IL Haunted Mansion Paranormal Night
Joe F. wrote: “Great location with great history. Thanks, Edward”

Comment from the 2012 Paranormal Night at the Joliet Slated Lady
Diane S. wrote: “I can’t stop thinking about the evening at the Slated Lady. It was more to process than I realized. Do you know if there are any results form the investigators posted anywhere on line yet? Thank you for the experience. My mom hasn’t stopped talking about it, because it brought her much peace. An interesting side note; when my mom asked about her grandson Jacob who is alive, you asked if he had passed because you felt a Jacob on the other side. We didn’t think much of it then, but the next day she felt the presence around of her brother Jacob who had passed”.

Comment from 2012 Paranormal Night at Valentine’s Chicago Boys and Girls Club Jane S. wrote: “It was a fantastic night. Thanks so much to Paul and Lisa Smith our new friends who also brought so much to the entire evening, the girls at the front desk that shared their comfy chairs with me and let Tim buy as many chocolate bars as he wanted. All for a good cause.

The seance was by far the best most active I have ever experienced. My legs are feeling the effects today of covering 44,000 square feet of pure thrill and excitement. Thank you Ed for a Wonderful Paranormal Evening. Can’t wait for the next time. WE HAD A BLAST”.

Comment from 2012 Paranormal Night at Valentine’s Chicago Boys and Girls Club Wally K. wrote: “I must tell you that during the seance I felt a hand on my right shoulder blade. I thought it was someone there, but – not. I can still feel it!”

Comment from 2012 Paranormal Night at Valentine’s Chicago Boys and Girls Club Dianna H. wrote: “Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! It was such a thrill to be part of last night. You are an amazing host, guide and gentleman. Also, a real class act!”

Comment from 2012 Paranormal Night at Valentine’s Chicago Boys and Girls Club Amelia wrote: “Thanks to Edward Shanahan, Ursula Bielski, and my lovely sister Dianna Hunter for an awesome investigation at the Valentine Boys & Girls Club last night!”

Comment from 2011 Paranormal Night at The Slated Lady
Frank H. wrote: “The Palmer House, private residence, not the hotel, was a highly active location. Sitting in the direct line between two church steeples and on limestone bedrock just inches beneath the foundation, it has been in the family since the 1880’s. We saw and captured shadow masses and figures on tape. Both Nicole Shanahan and I saw white lights shooting through the stairway.

For the first time, Len’s static electricity lights were flickering like Christmas lights. Even the antique furniture and items held EMFs, particularly a set of silverware. But then, during the Circle of Energy, all the energy left those and seemed to concentrate on Edward Shanahan, almost dragging him into a channeling trance. It was an very interesting evening and, hopefully, we will have a chance to bring the entire team out for a full investigation.”

Comment from 2011 Paranormal Night at the Camp Grant Museum
Jane wrote: “I had had to leave the circle. Thank you for getting me out of there. I just could not breath. Within 5 min. I was feeling very drained but back to normal. I have to tell you this, when you were doing the reading on my mother’s necklace and my grandmother came through. Before I left for Camp Grant Saturday night I had asked my mom to send a message to me for my daughter who I thought needed to get a message. So I was a little disappointed. I had not shared this with anyone!

So anyway the next evening my daughter called and said she had a dream about my mom that seemed so very real. She said my mom was trying to connect with her and she was telling everyone in her dream to be quiet because she couldn’t hear what her grandmother was trying to tell her. I almost dropped the phone. I told her how I asked my mom to come thru Saturday night, to leave a message for Marlayna (My daughter).

So we both realized that my mother did come through for her just not in the way I thought she would when I had Ed do my reading. She connected to her directly in her dream. She told me she could not understand what her Grandmother was trying to tell her. Luckily I had that conversation with my mom asking her to let my daughter know that she was aware of her new marriage and a new home and all of the things she had accomplished. We were both blown away on how things turned out the way they were suppose to. Remember my Grandma showed up in my reading, because my mom was busy trying to connect with my daughter. I knew you would appreciate the irony of it all.”

8/2009 Internet postings from one of Chicago’s Top Paranormal Authors:
“I’ve worked with Ed Shanahan for the past three years, and I can say that his last concern is profiting from anything. He is a lifelong resident of the Bachelors Grove area and wants nothing but to open people up to the possibilities of the paranormal. He’s a great guy and a true blue friend if ever I had one.

He’s doing a great job informing people about the places dear to his heart, including Bachelors Grove, the Humphrey House, the Scutt Mansion, and others. It’s a pleasure and honor for me to work with him.”  Ms. Ursula Bielski – author of Chicago Haunts books and owner of Chicago Haunting Tours.

Meaningful experiences for a Chicago Spirit Feeler
To be offered to touch another person’s hand, is an honor. To be able to touch their heart, is a gift given. To be able to touch their soul, is a blessing of trust. ~ Edward Shanahan

Being a Chicago Spirit Feeler, Medium, Paranormal Host and Psychic Reader, meaningful experiences is when I can bring closure for a person who has lost a love one.When I am asked to call someone at my cost, who is dying, to bring them comfort and attempt to erase their fears.When someone brings me an item of a love one who has passed away and I am able to confirm their thoughts on the way they died or killed.When I take an individual to the Miracle Child’s Grave Site, as they asked me to accompany them to pray for a miracle. When with out anyone knowing, I lay my hands on an ill person and pray for them.

When I can open the door for someone to open their self up to sit in front of everyone and experience the Spirit World and is one of the things I raised the bar on my self with. There is more to me then what many see, but yet some have seen it.

“Never Forget Where You Came From – To Keep You Motivated So You Never Return” ~ Edward Shanahan

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