Entertaining Chicago Psychic House Parties for you and your guests

Entertaining Chicago Psychic House Parties for you and your guests
Edward Shanahan

Entertaining Chicago Psychic House Parties for you and your guests.
by Edward Shanahan

I believe in keeping my readings at house parties entertaining, no questions about health or medical nor how to invest your money. Being already booked in to July with a couple dates still open for July, but there still are the months of  August – December with some dates already taken with being a guest speaker at some paranormal conferences.

Readings can be done outside for Spring and Summer dates and remember the month of October for your Halloween party or for the Holidays and Christmas parties.

With my readings, I read all those present and channel with all involved with what I call ‘ Readings in the Round ‘ and it has become an entertaining part of my Psychic House Parties. Also as other Psychics do at house parties, I do private readings for the whole party.

Psychic Readings can run 10 minutes for each individual at large parties, corporate gatherings and public locations so that a large number of individuals can enjoy being read, to 30 minute readings for each individual at a house party during private readings.

Also as I have been doing for years, I provide my ‘Readings of Items of Loved
Ones who have passed away’ during a session with an individual.  I have also raised my own bar and will attempt while doing his Readings of Items of Loved Ones who have passed away, to have the individual also envision in their mind, their love one during this special reading.

Comments from past readings / house parties I have done can be read here.

Also do to requests,  my Circle of Energy Seances can now be requested at the end of a Psychic House Party or the use of my Spirit Box.

Also for larger parties or parties that you would like both a female and male reader together that have been together for 10 years. Annette who has over twenty years of public Tarot Reading experience and can join me for your parties.

Annette also is the ‘only’ Reader that I recommend if I am already booked for a requested date. Annette is my co-host  on The Unexplained World, Internet radio broadcast, now in our 6th year of broadcasting.

I have been written about in four paranormal / spiritual books that includes two in 2010 and have published two of my own Paranormal and Spiritual book in 2011 called: ‘Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual Seriously. Theories – Thoughts – Experiences’ and ‘My Letter to God’ and links to both books can be found on my web site.

For details on the type of readings I do, photos from past Psychic House Parties and more, visit my personal web site: Edward Shanahan web site.


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