Video - Spirits interact with those attending a Chicago Paranormal Seance

Video - Spirits interact with those attending a Chicago Paranormal Seance

Video – Spirits interact with those attending a Chicago Paranormal Seance.
by Edward Shanahan.

The above video showcasing the extreme seance, is what I call my ‘Circle of Energy Seance’, but during this night it was taken to the extreme. The way it is performed is my creation, one that has developed to the level it is at over the last 10 years.

Ms. Ursula Bielski, who is Chicago land areas top paranormal author and holds top of the line ‘Chicago Hauntings’ paranormal bus tours in Chicago and the suburbs, goes back to the day that what I did was a Circle of Energy.

After nearly 3 years of both of us being busy and booked almost every weekend, Ursula was able to sit in on my ‘Circle of Energy Seance’ about a month ago at the Chicago Paranormal Night I held at the Chicago Boys and Girls Club that had over 35 individuals attending the largest haunted locations in Chicago that one can explore and experience the whole building.

The ‘Circle of Energy Seance’ that I perform today is a whole different animal then the ‘Circle of Energy’ of the past that Ursula has witnessed in the past. As it is done as a Seance, but it is way different then your typical seances that are performed today.

As you can see in the video, I do not sit there and say “The Spirit of So and So is here, etc. etc.”.  My goal is to attempt to raise the Spirits so they interact with those individuals who are present and those individuals become the Mediums. Everyone of my Chicago Paranormal Nights to explore and experience haunted locations, end with my ‘Circle of Energy Seance’.

Raising the Spirits is a whole different level of Seance. It is much deeper for me to go to and a level of experience that has been fine tuned over the years, to provide an experience for those attending. You can see the result in the video above.  The Seance in the video above was extreme and the reason for it being extreme is explained in the video.

I have a firm belief that no one is more powerful then the Spirit World, nor are the Spirits going to do any thing they do not want to do and that is why I am grateful that they do respond and even did so on the video above at a location that was not haunted nor had activity that was known of before the date of the seance and it was performed among a room made up mostly of skeptics (Investigators I consider skeptics mainly do to the fact that it needs to be proven or experienced for them to believe).

The seances being performed by others today, are the type with the Medium sitting at the table and saying what spirit is present etc… not a hard thing to pull off, as one can claim anything and who would know the difference? Some Mediums seem to go in to trances, some are led around by others even while in what appears to be a trance, still not hard to pull off, rambling off names etc.. of Spirits roaming around and who could prove different? Just have to take their word for it.

That is why I consider what I do an experience for those present to experience, anything less would be just that.

Happy Hauntings,

Edward Shanahan
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