Videos: Haunted Tinker Swiss Cottage, Rockford, IL - Tour & Seance

Videos: Haunted Tinker Swiss Cottage, Rockford, IL - Tour & Seance
Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum, Rockford, IL.

Videos: Haunted Tinker Swiss Cottage, Rockford, IL – Tour & Seance.
by Edward Shanahan.

A haunted historic paranormal night I held at the haunted Tinker Swiss Cottage . This video is a small portion of the tour with the Tinker Historian, Steve.

On the first video you will hear him talk about some of the history and the paranormal activity that has happened in the building.  Kathi from the Rockford Library gave the history of Spiritual movement in the area and she talks about in this video an experience an individual had with seeing a spirit on a past tour.

Prairie State Paranormal assisted me on this paranormal night and the night finished with my Circle of Energy Seance for all those who attended.

The second video below is my Circle of Energy Seance at The Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum following the paranormal investigation held earlier. The video is of some of the experiences that went on during the Circle of Energy Seance I performed and that I do after every paranormal night at all the different locations.

The goal is to have the Spirits interact with those present so that the individuals participating are able to experience the Spiritual World.

The funniest thing I heard, was a board member was upset about my Circle of Energy Seance, as he must of heard the word Seance and the only word he must of  heard with no idea of what my Circle of Energy actually is. As if he did know, he would realize it is tamer then a paranormal investigation in many cases and yet paranormal investigations are a regular thing now going on there.

In reality paranormal investigations are just a modern day seance using paranormal tools and yet trying to seek the same results of an actual seance but with a wait and see what happens at an investigation, like: asking Spirits to communicate into a tiny digital voice recorder that you can take home and hope you captured something, trying to capture a spirit on  a video camera (in some cases, many video cameras), or a still camera so one can see it, requesting spirits to move things, tap on things and even in some cases turn a flash light on or off, or requesting a spirit to give a physical sign by being touched by the spirit, using paranormal tools to attempt to manifest the energy of a spirit, on an on.

As you watch the second video you will get the idea of what I mean by paranormal investigations being the same as a seance (a seance being without the boredom of an investigation), at least the way I present what I do, to assist the individuals so that they can actually experience the Spiritual World with out the use of tools, but actual experiences, not me just sitting there at the end of the table and saying that this or that Spirit is present.

Video was shot by Prairie State Paranormal.


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