Chicago Paranormal Supernatural Spring / Summer 2012 to explore and experience

Chicago Paranormal Supernatural Spring / Summer 2012 to explore and experience
Circle of Energy Seance

Chicago Paranormal Supernatural Spring / Summer 2012 to explore and experience.
by Edward Shanahan

In the Chicago land area we have escaped the dreaded winter that we have experienced in the past.  Spring and Summer are right around the calendar corner and yet Mother Nature is giving us a peek at what may come earlier then later in 2012.

There are all different levels of paranormal experiences to be had in the Chicago land area and with the weather changing it allows individuals to enjoy a night that can be historical paranormal tours or nights to explore and experience documented haunted locations including booking a paranormal location for just you and your friends, plus things in between.

List of Paranormal Supernatural Ghostly things to do:

For those who are looking to enjoy a laid back enjoyable historical paranormal ghostly locations bus tour, the most experienced and longest Chicago running daily paranormal tour would be Ms. Ursula Bielski’s Chicago Haunting Tours.  Not only do they host daily Chicago ghost tours but also specialty tours like the ‘Haunted Archer Avenue Tour’, ‘Haunted China Town’, ‘The Devil in the White City Tour’, ‘7 hour ghost tour’ and even private group tours can be arranged. I have even been known to pop in at the haunted Chet’s Melody Lounge on Ursula’s tours.

Ms. Ursula Bielski is the author of many Chicago Paranormal books. Her books are so popular that they are one of the few featured books about Chicago in the tourist store at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

More information about her tours and books can be found at:  Ursula Bielski’s Chicago Hauntings.

Explore and Experience locations and their Spirits with ‘Chicago Paranormal Nights’.

These are not bus tours, but locations to explore and experience. Some locations run until 1 or 2 am and others are over night experiences. Locations range for Chicago’s largest paranormal location that is 44,000 sq ft and is open to explore and is an exclusive to my paranormal nights.

Other locations include a haunted Senator’s home that is owned by a suburban historical society. A haunted and very active farm house and includes the land, barn and surrounding areas and this location is an over night experience. A very haunted Rectory that is another over night experience. A huge haunted mansion in Geneva, IL.  A haunted hotel and this is just for the spring and summer months. Some of these locations can be arranged for Private Paranormal Nights for just you and your friends.

My Chicago Paranormal Nights are ones that allow you to explore and I along with other Spirit Feelers and on site Paranormal Investigators and with many locations, their Historians for the locations to assist you.

During the night at each one of these locations we all sit down for my ‘Circle of Energy Seance’. This Is Not like the others where the Medium sits at the end of the table and say ‘This or That Spirit’ is now present or the Medium walks around saying this or that is present and you have to take their word for it.

My ‘Circle of Energy Seance’ goes deeper and is unique to me as I created and developed this ability to work with the Spirits. It has been performed for years, matter of fact since 2001 when I performed it for the first time at an outside location.

Since then I have developed it to a level that my goal is to raise the Spirits of the location so that they interact with those individuals who are present so that they become the Mediums and actually experience the Spirits of the locations. The individuals can be believers or skeptics, actually I like skeptics as many times they are left debating in their own mind ‘what just happened?’

Information about public or private Chicago Paranormal Nights along with my free monthly e-mail newsletter to stay updated on the happenings  can be found at: Chicago Paranormal Nights

Spring and Summer are party months, be it indoors or outside. Enjoy it with an entertaining Psychic House Party, that I have been providing for years in the Chicago land and N.W. Indiana area.
For more details visit my web site at: Edward Shanahan

Free Paranormal Podcasts – Chicago’s own ‘The Unexplained World’ – Internet Radio Broadcast in it’s 6th year of broadcasting. It can be found on iTunes at The Unexplained World on iTunes or at Blogtalk Radio for The Unexplained World.

Free Paranormal Tour App with GPS, Photos of the locations (nearly 20 locations), and paranormal and historical audio information of each location of Haunted Archer Avenue. It is like downloading a free color paranormal photo audio book.
Information on this Free App
can be found at: Free Paranormal Tour App.

Looking for paranormal books to download to your electronic reader to enjoy at your own pace and take with you? ‘Taking the Paranormal and Supernatural Seriously. Theories – Thoughts – Experiences’.

It is a book I authored last year and can be found at: Amazon, iTunes, B & N, Sony and Smash Words. Also an exclusive to Amazon Kindle at this time, my second book ‘My Letter to God‘, a book that came about by what was like Spirit Writing.

Even for those who like the Hocus Pocus Magic type tongue in cheek paranormal fun, there is Neil Tobin a Chicago area Magician who combines magic and mentalist tricks mixed with ghostly stories as he takes on the character role name: Necromancer and performs his one man show at the Excalibur in Chicago. Who knows, one night while you are there he may attempt to raise the Spirit of Elvis again.

Enjoy your Supernatural Paranormal Summer!

Edward Shanahan
Web Site for Edward Shanahan – Psychic Reader, Medium.
Chicago Paranormal Nights – to Explore and Experience – web site.

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