Haunted Senator John Humphrey House - Chicago Paranormal Location

Haunted Senator John Humphrey House - Chicago Paranormal Location
Haunted Senator Humphrey House

Haunted Senator John Humphrey House – Chicago Paranormal Location.
by Edward Shanahan.

The Haunted Historic Location in Orland Pk. IL

The Home of Senator John Humphrey and built for him in 1881. It remained in the family until willed to the Orland Park, IL; Historical Society.

At first unknown to the public as a haunted location and one that I was pulled to and discovered. I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door, as I felt drawn to be there, a location I found to be actually haunted.

*All photos unless stated different, are taken by Edward Shanahan.

Senator John Humphrey House by Day
Senator John Humphrey House by Day.

Senator John Humphrey House at night
Senator John Humphrey House as the sun sets.

There is more to this then meets the eye. It also has a tie in to the Historical Haunted Location – Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.Haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and it's ties to Senator John Humphrey House

The Historical Society tour guides tell of the fact that one of the first children that Mr. Humphrey and the 1st Mrs. Humphrey had died at birth.

Mrs. Humphrey’s family (Patrick), had a family plot and family buried at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery and Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey had the child buried with Mrs. Humphrey’s family members at Bachelor’s Grove.

The question even asked by some of the officials of the Historical Society, is the 1st Mrs. Humphrey who was found dead in the house in March of 1898 and buried at a different cemetery then her child who died and is buried at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, could Mrs. Humphrey be the woman and child seen at Bachelor’s Grove? Also known as the Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

Waked in the living room.
Back in the day before funeral parlors it was a regular practice to hold wakes for family members in the family home. Senator Humphrey house had it’s fair share of the dead resting comfortably in the living room.

Below is a photo taken by Shannon T. & Betty E. who attended one of my Chicago Paranormal Nights at the Humphrey House. The location is the living room of the home and is the location family members where waked.

This is also one of the rooms that I do my “Circle of Energy” for the  individuals
attending so that the Spirits can interact with those present and sitting in on my Circle of Energy.

If you look to the right on the wall, you will see a painting with an arrow toward it. The photo below this one is an enlarged image of photo and painting.

Wall and painting in Senator Humphrey House.

The image of painting enlarged.

Photo of painting enlarged.

And No. There was no one there that resembled the image of the person on the left that attended any of our paranormal outings at the house. Nor are there any photos or painting on the wall across from this one (about 20 or more feet), that looks like the person on the left of the painting. Matter of fact the image on the left of the painting resembles Mr. Humphrey later in his life and who along with the 1st Mrs. Humphrey and the young children that also died in the house, were waked in this room.

The 1st Mrs. Humphrey was found dead in the house. The 2nd Mrs. Humphrey
(secretary to Mr. Humphrey) moved in and was married to Mr. Humphrey within 3 months.

Wandering in to the closed off areas.
Since I do have an exclusive for have paranormal nights or paranormal investigations at the Senator John Humphrey House, it does provide it’s perks.

The Children’s Playroom / area. This room that was once the children’s playroom  has been off limits to the general public. But on my paranormal night we are allowed to wander in the room. This is the room that the children were forced to stay in.

The feelings picked up in this room are many and have used the Ghost Box in this room with success. The majority who come in to this room and pick up on the feelings, know that the feelings felt are bad and sad.

Children's playroom in Senator Humphrey House

As you can see from the above photos of the outside of the house, there are many rooms. This being for the last few years a location that is just exclusive to me holding Chicago Paranormal Nights, Private Paranormal Nights and paranormal investigations there, thus making it a rare experience for those who participate.

As all of the location including the bedrooms, the basement, the children’s playroom are open to us to experience what was of the past and will be the experience for those who come out with me in the future to the haunted Senator John Humphrey House.

Details on having a Private Paranormal Night for you and your friends at Senator John Humphrey House or two other paranormal locations in the Chicago land area can be found here.

Chicago Paranormal Nights for the public – Locations and Dates.

Happy February Hauntings.

Edward Shanahan

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  • Drove past there the other day.

    Didn't see any ghosts there, but they may have been on union break.

    I did see the ghost of Randy's Market, which is haunting in itself.

  • Because the Spirits are in the home Richard.

  • Edward, that explains why ghosts are so pale; they never get out.

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