Jan. 14th - Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tours return to Haunted Archer Avenue

Jan. 14th - Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tours return to Haunted Archer Avenue
Willow Brook Ballroom

Jan. 14th – Chicago Haunting Ghost Tours return to Haunted Archer Avenue.
by Edward Shanahan

Haunted Archer Avenue:
Resurrection Mary & Beyond

A legend in it’s own right, Chicago Hauntings Tours owned by the top Chicago Paranormal Author, Ms. Ursula Bielski. Chicago Hauntings has been long standing as ‘The Tour’ of Haunted Archer Avenue to experience and it returns in 2012 on January 14th, from 2pm – 5pm.

Hosting this return tour to Haunted Archer Avenue is Ms. Nichole Shanahan. Nichole is a  lifetime resident who has lived within ten minutes of the haunted locations on Archer Avenue.

Nichole has spent a lot of time exploring and experiencing the locations on the tour from the time she started to drive.

Not only does she bring the paranormal knowledge and her personal experiences at the locations to the Chicago Hauntings Tours. But she also brings the historic knowledge to the tours as she has always been a researcher of Chicago land history.

The combination of the experiences and historic along with her entertaining personality brings a unique entertaining paranormal tour to those who participate.

Few roads in the world rival the super-haunted reputation of Chicago’s Archer Avenue, home to some of the city’s most legendary ghost stories, including the most famous Vanishing Hitchhiker on earth, Resurrection Mary. This road was constructed by poor Irish immigrants –builders of the controversial and ill-funded Illinois & Michigan Canal– who laid down the road over an ancient Indian trail known for its spiritual powers. The slavelike conditions of their labor, their deaths from hunger, thirst, disease and violence: all live on in the deep folklore of this storied region.

$30 per person.  Two pickups: Clark and Ohio, Chicago, 1pm.  Chet’s Melody Lounge, Summit, Illinois, 2pm.

To Reserve for the Jan. 14th  Haunted Archer Avenue Tour, go to:
The Chicago Hauntings web site.
Call: 1-888-446-7891

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