Unique Holiday Chicago Paranormal Christmas Gifts

Unique Holiday Chicago Paranormal Christmas Gifts
Seance at The Irish Legend with Edward Shanahan

Unique Holiday Chicago Paranormal Christmas Gifts.
by Edward Shanahan

Looking for an unique gift, an enjoyable night in the future of at least four hours and will not break the bank? Or you are asked what you would like as gift that would be unique?

Well how about the ability to experience a Chicago Paranormal Night and each one of my paranormal nights includes my ‘Circle of Energy Seance’.

Well I have updated the web site with some of the upcoming dates in the Chicago land area for 2012. From a huge 44,000 sq ft, building that we return to in 2012 it was a favorite in 2011, that is active and is a building that is a maze of hallways and rooms, it is near White Sox Park. To an over night at a huge mansion in Geneva, IL and even returning to our favorite haunted farm for an over night experience.
You can view the dates and locations at:
Chicago Paranormal Nights.

Also there is a Free  downloadable App with GPS, Photos and Audio tour of Chicago lands most haunted area ‘Haunted Archer Avenue and other nearby locations’, nearly 20 locations. It is like downloading a free color paranormal photo book with audio.
Get the Free App here: Chicago Paranormal Ghost Tour App.

For the paranormal reader – my New 2011 eBook ‘ Taking the Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously. Theories – Thoughts – Experiences ‘.
You can find it at the web sites: –  Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Smash Words or do a search for it, as others are also carrying it.

Also accepting dates for my entertaining Psychic Reading Parties in 2012.
Spring and Summer can be fun, doing the readings outdoors under the stars. I do have some dates already booked in to March 2012 but many more to pick from.
For details visit my web site: Edward Shanahan.com

Merry Christmas and Hally Holidays to All,
Edward Shanahan

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