Stenhouse Roadhouse in Oregon, IL, Chicago Paranormal Night with Class A EVP on video and also missing head location?

Stenhouse Roadhouse in Oregon, IL, Chicago Paranormal Night with Class A EVP on video and also missing head location?

Stenhouse Roadhouse in Oregon, IL, Chicago Paranormal Night with Class A EVP on video and also missing head location?
by Edward Shanahan

I was asked to come out to the haunted Stenhouse Roadhouse in Oregon, IL to hold a Chicago Paranormal Nights and end the night with my ‘Circle of Energy Seance’, to see if some answers could be found.

This location was part of the unsolved murder of Mary Jane Reed – She was 17 yrs old. On June 24, 1948, she went on a date with Rockford Navy veteran Stanley Skridla (28 yrs old). That was the last time anyone seen them alive.

Oregon Mayor Mike Arians believes Reed’s haunting  spirit lingers in his restaurant: Stenhouse Roadhouse – which might have been one of the last places she visited before dying. The pair stopped by The Roadhouse, then called The Stenhouse, before heading to a popular “lover’s lane” spot on County Farm Road.

Around 6 a.m. June 25 Skridla’s body was found and riddled with bullets and face down in a grassy ditch along County Farm Road. Skridla’s car was located hours later, about one mile north of the lover’s lane at Illinois 2 and Pines Road.

On June 29 1948, the police appeared at Mary Jane Reeds parents home, Mary Jane had been found shot to death in a clump of weeds along Silica Road.

Mary Jane had been shot in the back of the head with what appeared to be the same caliber gun used in Skridla’s slaying. She was wearing the same brown loafers, white blouse and her mother’s wedding ring.

Her brown slacks were folded neatly on her back when she was found.

Mayor Mike Arians was drawn to the case by a force he can’t identify.Shortly after taking office, people started telling him about the slayings, eventually asking him if he could look into the case. Then, the strange occurrences began. When he had the body of Mary Jane dug up, the head with the body was not hers.

Kate is Mary Jane’s mother and has a strong spiritual presence in the Stenhouse Roadhouse.

On October 29th, besides those who signed up to attend, also my Spirit Feelers Stacie and Toni who assist me, joined in on this night as did Prairie State Paranormal who worked with a Ghost Box on this night and at times captured a woman’s voice.

My Seance started in the direction of the Spirit of who Mike Arians feels is the killer, an police officer who knew the couple and was jealous that Mary Jane was interested in someone else other then him. You could feel the change in the room as the Spirit of the alleged killer had to be provoked and I was working toward getting a response from the Spirit as I would eventually go toward the direction of asking it, if it was the killer.

Mike Arians, even though he was looking for answers, was not ready to go in to the direction I was going and being led by the Spirit, so Mike asked me to pull out of it and I did.

As you will hear on the video below, it was before the start of the video and I was explaining that I may of may not have the Ghost Box turned on sometime during the seance. You will hear an EVP of a female’s voice saying what sounds to me as ‘Stupid’ then followed by some whispering.   Other individuals feel they hear the female voice say: “I hear little girl like saying :heh: and female whispering “c-c’s” and another: Listen again 2 times sounds like after the EVP They say “Excuse me”.

As far as the missing head – the basement of the location during the time that Mary Jane was killed, was also used as a slaughter area for meat. There are accounts of individuals later saying that Mary Jane had been seen dragged in to the basement through a trap door in the floor by the killer and a couple who assisted him and were also friends of the location at the time.

Well the basement has a deep empty water well, at the bottom I have been told is a floor of loose stone covered by a few inches of water. Dig up the stones in the well and you may find Mary Jane’s head.

4 seconds in to video you will hear EVP

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