Meaningful experiences for a Chicago Spirit Feeler

Meaningful experiences for a Chicago Spirit Feeler
Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium

Meaningful experiences for a Chicago Spirit Feeler.
by Edward Shanahan

Being a Chicago Spirit Feeler, Medium, Paranormal Host and Psychic Reader, meaningful experiences  is when I can bring closer for a person who has lost a love one.

When I am asked to call someone at my cost, who is dying, to bring them comfort and attempt to erase their fears. When someone brings me an item of a love one who has passed away and I am able to confirm their thoughts on the way they died or killed.

When I take an individual to the Miracle Child’s Grave Site, as they asked me to accompany them to pray for a miracle. When with out anyone knowing, I lay my hands on an ill person and pray for them.

When I can open the door for someone to open their self up to sit in front of everyone and experience the Spirit World and is one of the things I raised the bar on my self with.

There is more to me then what many see, but yet some have seen it.

“Never Forget Where You Came From – To Keep You Motivated So You Never Return” ~ Edward Shanahan

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