Possible New Haunted Paranormal Locations in Your Area

Possible New Haunted Paranormal Locations in Your Area

Possible New Haunted Paranormal Locations in Your Area.
by Edward Shanahan

There are more individuals who come out around this time of year to do some spooky fun things or seek the spooky stuff out.

With the popularity of the TV paranormal shows, many know how to attempt to do EVP’s with a tape recorder and such other low cost tools, like cameras or the Ghost Rader download for phones and more for the spur of the moment ghost investigations.  There is also a thrill in finding undiscovered locations in the Chicago land area.

I don’t know if it was my intuitive / psychic nature or what, but there are locations that seems like not many, if any, have thought of and the locations are basically out there right in our face.

They are the ‘ road side memorials ‘ dedicated to those who have died due to some type of accident at the location. These are those locations on the side of the road that you pass and may have a cross set up, maybe photos of the individual(s) that died at the location or some other type of tribute.

One has to remember many of these are fresh spots or locations, so the energy of the departed soul and the accident more then likely still lingers and is fresh. Plus one has to also remember that the emotional energy of those that set up the memorials dedicated to the love one they lost, may keep the spirit there.

Looking for a ‘Free App’ to download for Chicago’s Haunted Archer Avenue and is also a GPS with photos of nearly 20 locations and audio description of each one, go to: Free Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Ghost Tour App

Happy Hauntings,

Edward Shanahan.

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