Join in a Chicago area Paranormal Night Lock Down with Edward Shanahan Sept. 30th - Oct1st.

Join in a Chicago area Paranormal Night Lock Down with Edward Shanahan Sept. 30th - Oct1st.

Join in a Chicago area Paranormal Night Lock Down with Edward Shanahan Sept. 30th – Oct 1st.
by Edward Shanahan

This past Sunday I was able to wander the location for the Paranormal Night Lock Down Friday Sept 30th 11:30 pm to Saturday  Oct. 1st – ??am  at the famous Illinois Dungeon of Doom Halloween attraction that is a truly ‘Haunted’ Halloween Haunted House, in the Historic Warwick Building in Zion, IL.

There are locations in this location that being a Spirit Feeler, what I picked up just ran through my body. The location is huge and two levels.  I picked up on the energy on both and in many of the areas on both floors. I have a very strong feeling that the ‘Ghost Box’ (will have two), as in the recent past, will be very active also.

I have visited other permanent Halloween haunted houses in the Chicago land area for private tours (no actors or actresses), in the past do to their paranormal activity and to see if I could pick up on why they are active.

These type of locations are active because of the fact that they are like shrines to death, murder and the dead, that remain standing all year long. They are like playgrounds for the Spirit World and the owners did / do not realize what they created when they made these permanent Halloween Haunted Houses.

I also picked the area to finish the night with my Circle of Energy Seance, a location that also will provide individuals a view looking down in to the large room from the second floor cat walks. The second floor being as active as the first (some working in the location claim it is even more active), should provide interesting results with Spirits interacting with those present on the second floor with the digital voice recorders  and video recordings, as both pick up EVP’s during my Circle of Energy.

Those chosen to sit at the tables during the Circle of Energy will be chosen as we have always done it in the past at all the locations we visit – The Spirits will decide who sits at the table.

There is more to this location then just a shrine to death, murder and the dead. Details are below. On this night besides the investigation you can be part of exploring and experiencing this large location with no actors or actresses performing, I will perform my ‘Circle of Energy Seance’ to attempt to raise the Spirits to interact with those present and have them become the Mediums.

Bring any tools you may have, from recorders and cameras to paranormal equipment as an investigation will be part of this night. Also I plan on holding a Ghost Box Session on this night.

This will also be broadcast live on Paranormal TV Network. A streaming live Internet special on the popular show “One Foot Out Of The Grave” with Jeff and Nancy Rezman.

Those that assist me on my Chicago Paranormal Nights, will be assisting you and me on this night and includes Prairie State Paranormal, Toni and Stacie, Jason and Sarah.

Come out and experience this special one of a kind paranormal night lock down with me. Also I will be calling upon during the Circle of Energy Seance, Easy E, to join me and that is a story of it’s own.

For more details and to register, visit:

Edward Shanahan – Web Site
Chicago Paranormal Nights – Web Site

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