This Saturday's Free Chicago Paranormal Meet & Greet - Broadcast Live on Internet TV

This Saturday's Free Chicago Paranormal Meet & Greet - Broadcast Live on Internet TV

This Saturday’s Free Chicago Paranormal Meet & Greet – Broadcast Live on Internet TV.
by Edward Shanahan

Free Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet this coming  Saturday Aug 20th 1- 6pm at the large picnic grove at the haunted Chet’s Melody Lounge in Justice, IL; located across the street of the resting place for Resurrection Mary, Resurrection Cemetery.

Location for Chet’s: at 7400 Archer Avenue, Justice, IL.

The Internet TV show broadcast on the Internet: Paranormal TV Network show ‘One Foot Out Of The Grave’ will be broadcasting live and showcasing those at the Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet, starting at 1pm at:

Come out and enjoy the day Chicago Paranormal Meet & Greet August 20th, meeting:

Nearly 23 Paranormal Investigation Teams will be present.

Paranormal Authors: Amelia Cotter – Amelia Underwood – Ursula Bielski – Ray Johnson – Jason Epple – Dale Kaczmarek – Mike Kleen – Edward Shanahan.

Haunted Location Owners: Willow Creek Farm in Shannon, IL – Chet’s Melody Lounge in Justice, IL – Hanna House Indianapolis, IN – Oscar Swan Inn, Geneva, IL – Senator John Humphrey House, Orland Pk. IL – Peoria Asylum, Peoria, IL.

Speakers: Michael Esposito – Dale Kaczmarek – Sara Bowkere – Roger

Those of Interest: Renne Graham & Phil Holman – Laura Redmond – Kathi Kresol – Michael Esposito & Heidi Harman – Laura & Kimberly – Jeff & Nancy Rezman – Jackie Hick & Tina Lano.

Media: Dead Speak Radio with host Renee Graham and Phil Holman will be interviewing individuals / teams for a future broadcast.  One Foot Out Of The Grave with your hosts Jeff & Nancy Rezman will be broadcasting live and interviewing individuals for the Paranormal TV Network. Co-Editors in Chief Jackie Hicks & Tina Lano of Indiana Paranormal Inquisitor Newspaper will be photographing and interviewing individuals.

Psychic Readers: Annette – A Reader of Past Lives, Tarot and Runes. Michelle – Aura Readings and Communicate with those that past. Edward Shanahan – Only 1 1/2 hours during day (1:30 – 3pm), Readings of items of loved ones that have past away and One on One Psychometry Readings.

Haunted Bus Tour of Archer Avenue with Chicago Paranormal Author, Ms. Ursual Bielski. Starts at 3pm and a second will follow if demand dictates. Only $10 per person.

Event Coordinators: Danielle Pitcher-Garrison – This Meet and Greet event co-producer and the co-founder of Crossroads Paranormal – Edward Shanahan – This Meet and Greet event co-producer. Written about in four paranormal books. Paranormal Host / Medium for Chicago Paranormal Nights and Author of his own Paranormal / Spiritual Book.

Nichole Shanahan and Michelle Crosby – Both will be the M. C. for this event. Both have accompanied and assisted Edward Shanahan and Prairie State Paranormal at private haunted locations – Ronald Garrison and Steve Hyzny – both assisting in running this Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet.

More Details at:Free Chicago Paranormal Meet & Greet, Saturday August 20th, 2011

Also after the Free Chicago Paranormal Meet & Greet,  Seance at the haunted Irish Legend in Willow Springs with Edward Shanahan –
Details at: After Meet & Greet.

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