Aug; Newsletter of Chicago Paranormal Dates & Events

Aug; Newsletter of Chicago Paranormal Dates & Events

Aug; Newsletter of Chicago Paranormal Dates & Events.
by Edward Shanahan



Aug. 2011 – Newsletter for:
Chicago Paranormal Nights
Haunted Historic Locations
Edward Shanahan

Hello Readers,

I am posting the free Chicago Paranormal Nights,
Edward Shanahan free monthly newsletter on
this month, so that individuals can
see what is coming up that may be of interest to

Those interested in receiving the free monthly
newsletter, you can go and sign up at:
Chicago Paranormal Nights

What is in it and all the details are below:

New Unique Huge Haunted Historic Location
for a Paranormal Night, Oct. 22nd in a nice
area of Chicago, down the street from
White Sox Park and a Fund Raiser for a
Chicago Boys and Girls Club. Details are

Ms. Ursula Bielski – Free talk and discussion
night coming this Wednesday Aug; 3rd at
The Irish Legend in Willow Springs, IL.

Free Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet,
Saturday Aug. 20th.
Much exposure for all those involved
and other things added.  A  Séance to be
conducted the night of the Meet and Greet
at The Irish Legend in Willow Springs with
Vince the owner one more time attempting
fate by sitting in.

All other dates / locations for the year
full except Aug. 3rd, Aug. 20th and
Oct. 22nd
as it is new.
Details are below for dates mentioned

New eBook ‘Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual
World Seriously. Theories – Thoughts – Experiences’.
is moving well.

Do to requests, I am now doing my Circle of Energy
Séances at Private Psychic House Parties. The thing is,
I’m booked until mid November.

I am now writing for the Indiana Paranormal Inquisitor
Newspaper and  it is now in the Speedway Gas Stations
in Oak Lawn, Worth, Hickory Hills, Burbank, Willow
Springs, Palos and Chicago Ridge for those of you
in the S.W. Subs.   I have done an interview for
Michael Keen’s Legends and Lore of Illinois and
should be in the August Issue.

For those reading this here on ChicagoNow and you
would be interested in receiving the free monthly
e-mail newsletter, feel free to e-mail me with your
e-mail address and you will receive it. You can
write me from:

Have a Great August, hope to see you at
something and Happy Hauntings.

Edward Shanahan

* My New eBook ‘Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual
World Seriously. Theories – Thoughts – Experiences’.
is moving well. You can view and download it at: ————————————————————————

* Free August 3rd – Wednesday

Ms. Ursula Bielski – free talk and discussion
at The Irish Legend in Willow Springs, Wednesday
night Aug 3rd. 7pm to 10pm.

Ursula will be talking about the local haunted areas,
signing books for those who bring one of her books
with them and also she will have her new books with

After her talk Ursula and I will have an open discussion
with those who attend this night, feel free to ask
questions. This will be fun night. Don’t pass up the food
offerings either, people love it.

The Irish Legend in Willow Springs, IL.
8933 S. Archer Ave, Willow Springs, IL

* ‘FREE’ – Plan now for Saturday August 20th
Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet.
1pm – 6pm or a bit later. Followed by going to
the haunted ‘The Irish Legend’ in Willow Springs.

This has become huge with all those who have
signed up to participate and you can come out
and Meet them.   To be held at the large outdoor
Grove at the historic paranormal location
‘Chet’s Melody Lounge’ in Justice, IL.

Chet’s Melody Lounge and Grove:
7400 Archer Rd, Justice, IL

Those who will be there to interview those
participating and even a live broadcast over
the Internet from the event that day:

Dead Speak Radio with host Renee Graham
and Phil Holman will be interviewing individuals
and teams for a future broadcast. SMP will be
filming and interviewing for their TV show
“Paranormal Now”. One Foot Out Of The
Grave with your hosts Jeff & Nancy Rezman
will be broadcasting live and interviewing individuals
for the Paranormal TV Network. Indiana
Paranormal Inquisitor will be there photographing
and interviewing individuals for their newspaper.
Details of those Investigation Teams, Authors,
Owners of haunted locations etc. that have signed
up to attend and have a table.

Details for this fun Paranormal Meet & Greet
Free Chicago Paranormal Meet & Greet.

Ursula Bielski will also be running a Paranormal Bus
Tour at 3pm from Chets this day and it will only be
$10 per person and will be the Archer Ave tour of
the surrounding haunted areas. Sign-up at the Meet
and Greet. If demand is strong, she will run another
one right after the first one.

The paranormal band: Paranormal Soldiers will
be performing during the last hour 5-6pm at the
meet and greet.

Psychic Readers (with myself also doing readings
for 11/2 hr), doing readings. 23 paranormal teams
booked. Speakers and more.   All who have requested
to be showcased are listed on the web page above
and more details including Speakers, Investigation
Teams, Authors, Psychic Readers, Haunted location
Owners and more.
Free – Chicago Paranormal Meet & Greet

* After the Free Chicago Paranormal Meet and Greet,
all are invited to travel about two miles to finish the
night at the very haunted and legendary:
The Irish Legend in Willow Springs, IL.
8933 S. Archer Ave, Willow Springs, IL

* Seance at The Irish Legend after Meet and Greet.

We will end the night with my Circle of Energy
Seance at The Irish Legend.
I have requested
the owner Vince to attempt one more time, to sit
in on the séance, as the last time he did so the
Spirits of the past management had their way with
him. This will start at about 10pm.

Details for participating in the Séance and most
likely the last public one there this year, is at:
Chicgao Paranormal Nights

* Saturday Oct. 22nd – Unique Haunted Historic
Location, a Special Paranormal Night.

A Fundraiser for the Valentine Boys &
Girls Club in their –

Huge 44,000 sq ft. paranormal active building built in
1938 with 3 floors. Each floor is like a maze of hallways
and rooms, even during the day with the lights on when
I toured the location (and felt the spirits), I was getting
lost just on the floors I was walking on, let alone the
whole building. It is so large it even has it’s own large
bomb shelter in it, an abandoned apartment since the
1970’s on the third floor and much more.

It is the home to friendly spirits and the paranormal
activity others have experienced. A paranormal  night
to explore and experience the building and Spirits.
This special paranormal night will end when all those
present are gathered in a large dance studio room that
has mirrors running along one of the walls. This will be
for my ‘Circle of Energy Séance.

Many individuals have experienced Ghosts by way of
mirrors, so the ‘Circle of Energy’ session should be very
interesting on this night of Oct. 22nd.
Located at
3400 S. Emerald Ave; Chicago, IL
( 1 block North of the White Sox baseball field)

This Fundraiser will run from 7pm to at least 1am,
it is only $40 per person and we are allowing 1/2 down
and difference paid at the door the night of Oct. 22nd.

Much More Details and to reserve at:
Chicago Paranormal Night Fundraiser – Oct. 22nd


* Free Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue
Tour App with GPS, audio tour of
nearly 20 locations and photos for
reference and a free download.
Details on downloading at:
Free Paranormal Tour App with GPS

* By request, séances are now performed
after my Psychic House Parties, if there
is an interest by the host and their guests.

If your interested in an entertaining Psychic
House Party or Private Paranormal Night
visit my web site at:

See my web site for details at:


Edward Shanahan

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