Chicago Paranormal Author Ms. Ursula Bielski and Chicago Spirit Feeler Edward Shanahan to reunite for fundraiser?

Chicago Paranormal Author Ms. Ursula Bielski and Chicago Spirit Feeler Edward Shanahan to reunite for fundraiser?

Chicago Paranormal Author Ms. Ursula Bielski and Chicago Spirit Feeler Edward Shanahan to reunite for fundraiser?
by Edward Shanahan

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The Morgan Cottage in Manteno.

It is being discussed between Ms. Ursula Bielski and I, the possibility of again for one more time, to reunite for a Paranormal Night for the very special fundraiser ‘Paranormal Kicks Cancer’ to be held at the Manteno Insane Asylum’s Morgan Cottage on Sept. 24th.

This special fundraiser is being arranged by Ms. Laura Redmond. The Paranormal Kicks Cancer fundraiser is an all day event that will end with a paranormal night, a night that I will also being doing my ‘Circle of Energy Seance’.

More details on the Paranormal Kicks Cancer is below.

Ursula Bielski and I go back to the very first e-mail we exchanged back in 2005. We became a team together providing individuals Paranormal Nights called ‘Beyond The Veil’ as Ursula Bielski would provide historic information and work with the individuals with paranormal tools and the use of her Ghost Box that was given to her by the creator of it. She and I were using it with our Beyond The Veil nights with great success before it became a regular thing that others in the Chicago area would start using on their ghost nights.

One of the most memorable nights with the Ghost Box was at the Villisca Ax Murder House about five years ago. I was in the girls room sitting on the bed in there as I was receiving visions on how the girls were killed and the bed separated from the bed frame.

Those in the room with me and I went in to the other room that Ursula Bielski was in with others using her Ghost Box and Ursula Bielski asked, “What happened to Ed” and as clear as day, the response that was witnessed by all, in a small child’s voice, came from the Ghost Box “Ed, Ed broke the bed”.

Every Beyond The Veil Paranormal Night ended with my ‘Circle of Energy Seance’. Many locations, from Ashmore Estates to the Scutt Mansion were places that we visited for our Beyond The Veil nights.

Even a Television show for the BBC filmed Ursula Bielski and I together at the location now called The Irish Legend. The filming was back before it even became The Stag’s Head. Ursula Bielski talked about the history of the location and I talked about the spirit feelings I picked up at the location, as I had been through three past owners. I always joke that the Spirits and I remain at the location while owners come and go.

We have paranormal history together, besides the Beyond The Veil nights, many times Ursula Beilski and I would work together providing ‘Haunted Archer Avenue Ghost Tours’, she wrote about the locations in many of her books and was already doing the Haunted Archer Avenue Ghost Tours, that some would try to copy what she was already doing. I experienced all the locations and what they offered on the Spirit side, as I have lived my whole life in the area and together we made a great team. It seems that there was never a night that something was not captured on camera by individuals at many of the locations.

The most memorable tour night about three years ago, will be one that no one else will be able to duplicate, as it happened on the part of Archer Avenue in Willow Springs that I call “The Stretch Of Death” and even today when I meet those who were on that tour, they still talk about it.

I will be at the Paranormal Kicks Cancer doing readings etc.. and also doing what I do at my Chicago Paranormal Nights and Ursula Bielski is attempting to clear her schedule so she can be part of it and the both of us – reuniting for the paranormal night and we both will be doing it for free for the fundraiser of this day.

Once it is confirmed that Ursula Bielski can make this special paranormal night, it will be announced either here or on either Bielski or my Facebook pages.

My schedule along with Ursula’s schedule for the last two years has kept us both so busy, that we have not been able to book a date together in that time frame. That is why we both thought that it would be a special night for such a thing, and the Paranormal Kicks Cancer would be the night it should be.

* Paranormal Kicks Cancer – Fund Raiser
Sept. 24th at the Haunted Morgan Cottage at
Manteno Insane Asylum.

Paranormal Kicks Cancer ( is an organization that was started as a fund raiser for “Relay for life” in 2010. It was one fundraiser in one state. This year, we are having multi-state events all occurring on the same date, September 24, 2011.

The theme this year is “Paranormal Kicks Cancer”. Each event will differ slightly. However, we all have the same vision and common goals. To unite the Paranormal community and raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society.

Illinois will be hosting A PKC event at The Morgan Cottage of Manteno State Hospital. This building was voted the 3rd most haunted location in the United States by the Travel Channel.
It is an abandoned Insane Asylum that has been run down and vandalized over the years. It was closed down in the 1980’s and is currently undergoing restoration to preserve the integrity of the infamous hospital and it’s “remaining patients”.
The event will have guest speakers Including Edward Shanahan, The Chicago Paranormal Detectives and authors Michael Kleen and Amelia Cotter. There will be raffles and an auction featuring autographed merchandise from famous personalities and local historians.

We are currently seeking donations from the Paranormal community to be raffled off.

Food and beverages will be available for separate purchase as well as a tour of the facility in the evening. Guests are encouraged to bring cameras and digital recorders.

All of the events will be Live Streamed through the People’s Television Network (PTN) so anyone who cannot attend an event, can watch from their computers.

Cancer has effected each and every on of us in some way.

Please join us September 24th and help kick cancer!

For more information and/or to donate, please contact
Laura Redmond at:

Chicago Paranormal Nights – web site

Edward Shanahan – web site

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